Testimonials From Our Top Ten Energy Healer Award Winners 2020

Sharing Some Inspirational Testimonials From Our

Top Ten Energy Healers Awards 2020

Carolyn King

“I was absolutely thrilled and honoured to be announced as one of The Top Ten Energy Healers for 2020.

My life’s mission is to increase the happiness levels in the world and this is wonderful recognition of the work I do.

Thank you so much.”


Stefano Battaglia

“ I think that peace and happiness are an inside job and my work allows me to accomplish it on a collective scale; the support of such a meaningful energy healing Award helps on the path”.



Yolandi Boshoff
I am very thankful for this energy healer award and what a great way to end 2020.  I am also grateful for how people are embracing so many new energy healing modalities.
It is beautiful how we are all starting to recognise the connection between body, mind, soul and energy.  2021 feels like an exciting year for many and more recognition of the impact and value of energy healing as a whole.
I am humbled and filled with deep gratitude to win this energy healer award 2020.  To receive this level of recognition in less than 2 years is beyond amazing.  Our practitioners and clients around the world are excited for what the future holds.
Charlie Greig

“What a wonderful way to finish 2020.

I’m honoured to have been recognised as one of the Top 10 energy healers by Energy Healing Magazine – Thank you”
Jessica Boston
I am thrilled to have been voted one of the Top Ten Energy Healers of 2020,
it really means so much to be recognised for the passion and effort I put into helping people make radical transformations in their life.
I’ve seen in the last decade how much this arena has grown and it really inspires me
to keep learning, and pushing myself to deliver excellent work and help more people to make positive changes to their lives.
Warmest wishes Jessica

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