The World Of Energy Healing

We’re really excited as we see the launch of our first book project “The World of Energy Healing” of 2022.  As always our team have brought together some amazing contributors from around the globe to explore and maybe introduce some new mediums of energy healing to you.

By exploring the use of energy healing and alternative well-being sciences in our everyday lives we will not only transform the culture of medicine, but it is my profound belief that we will provide ordinary people with the tools they need to make better, informed decisions about their health and well-being.


The Thought Leaders Who Contributed To This Book:


 Debra Kilby,      Les Flitcroft,       Meagan Leigh Cohn,

Sonali Saujani,        Sarah Todd,     Jason Gilbert,  Stel Coombe-Heath

 Anne Jones,     Kris Meredith,    Sonja Courtis,   

 Amrita Madhusdan, Gina Yallamas,    Jay Anderson, 

  Dipti Tait,       Michelle Brass,      Winter Clark


I’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has helped to make this book project into an exciting book to share with the rest of the world, Jacqueline.


Sharing a sample of one of the chapters The World Of The Spirit Baby written by Debra Kilby with you Click Here 



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