Soniya Emmanuel – Did You Know Your Soul Speaks To You!

We have a biological clock and most of us listen to our physical body but are we listening to our spiritual bodies and supplying it with enough food to? The spiritual body is eternal and keeps transforming itself daily because the energy just transforms and never dies.

I had a personal experience in 2016 when my physical body sent me a strong message to wake up. Although I felt I was on a right path I was consumed with my personal emotions and was not content. Being a child from a dysfunctional family made me blind about my relationships, which resulted into dependency.

Dependency is a disease, which cannot be cured until you realise that you are dependent. Other people cannot be your remedy/medicine. You have to be your own antidote and take responsibility for your own problems.

My diagnosis involved the ower abdomen, which is the main centre of your emotions and also known as sacral chakra. My sacral and root chakra were completely torn because I had lost my own identity. I was unhappy and emotionally drained and also being financially dependent on others it had affected my root chakra too.

When those lower frequency thoughts and feeling manifested in my physical body I knew if I carry on with my old ways I would be on a self-destructive path. Hence, I started to take care of my thoughts and emotions. It wasn’t an easy journey it took a lot of effort to deliberately change my way of thinking. I am serine and have no regrets as I have now become the medium for others to help and guide them to see where and why they are lacking in themselves.

I have re-created my being through “Kreative Consciousness” applying all that I have learnt over the years. You can also do it too. You have choices to either work on your own or with the help of an expert.

If you have a lot of creative ideas but somehow you feel stuck or not able to bring into life. I suggest you work on your solar plexus because it is the centre of will, ideas, personal power, creation etc. By bring harmony into this energy point by breathing yellow colour or wearing a  relevant crystal like such as: citrine, yellow jasper, yellow quartz etc.

Are you thinking constantly, do your thoughts repeat themselves and making you feeling sad, or maybe you not able to sleep, experience headaches often, these all are the sign of a blocked third eye chakra. It is located in the centre of your eyebrows. To balance this you should start to meditate with lapis lazuli or anoint the forehead with sandalwood oil.   

You maybe surprised to know that our emotions have a deep impact of our physical body for e.g. fear is stored in kidneys and repressed anger is housed in the liver. Energy points or chakras are energetically connected with endocrine system. If you are experiencing any stress or emotional trauma it will directly affect your body.

I’ve worked on my thoughts and emotions and today I am reaping the benefits by being physically, mentally, spiritually, happy, healthy and content. My soul is experiencing the beauty of life through me.

Always remember the body is the chariot of your soul so keep it happy and healthy for a blessed and joyful life.


About the Author:

I am a bio-energy healing expert and spiritual coach with years of experience. I’ve been guiding and supporting people of all ages to achieve a life with as little medication possible, inner harmony and balance in life.

I am passionate about empowering each individual to be the best version of themselves by creating the life they truly desire.

I have a strong track record of valuable deliverables. My professional experience in healing, academic credentials, and vast travels make me unique healer with a worldview and cultural adaptability. I have Proficiency in Chakra Healing, Crystal healing, Bioenergy healing, Timeline therapy, Spiritual Life coaching and Vibrational healing


Reiki and Seichem Healer,

Bioenergy expert

NLP Master Coach

The TimeLine Therapist

NLP Master Hypnotherapist

Crystal Healer

Belief Clearing Coach

Spiritual Life Coach

I am available for comments, articles, public speaking, group healing sessions, distant healing for mental and physical health.  

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