The Top Ten Energy Healing Awards 2023 – Belinda Aloisio

Belinda Aloisio

Whether you need help setting strategic, career or life goals, rediscover your inner light or free yourself from old patterns and limiting beliefs, Belinda will work with you in the most profound and enlightening ways to rapidly increase mindfulness, connection and align your values. Her myriad intuitive gifts of healing and insight enable a deeper guidance to help you find your life path, purpose and confidence rapidly.

With over 15 years of experience in energy healing, hypnotherapy, life coaching and meditation, Belinda will transform your outlook and awaken motivation and confidence, enabling you to attain fulfilment, purpose and your own personal life success.

Guiding you to find your purpose and become the very best version of yourself…

Nominee’s 3 Achievements: 

1. Channelled and trademarked my unique – Psychic Soul Healing – (energy healing).
This is a fully immersive, intuitive and bespoke energy healing working with my guides and ascended masters such as the Galactic Council of Healing and Light, along with the higher self and guides of my client. I work with crystal energies, holy oils, incense, high vibrational music frequencies in the cosmic energetic crystalline temples. I am able to work on a higher level on the energetic bodies / souls of my clients.
Grounding and connecting them, unblocking, rebalancing and realigning their chakras and healing them on a very deep level. Whilst I am working on the client I am channelling the whole time and messages are coming in from divine through my gifts of claircognisance, clairaudience and visions that clearly come through to give my client direct messages and clues to guide, help and further heal them on their journey.

2. Successfully delivered a series of Women’s Power circles and held a container for a group of women over an 8 month period. Meeting monthly on the full moon, I hosted the space and guided the women on the journey over the 8 months to work through their shadow sides and identify and let go of everything that was no longer serving them. This created space for them to move forward and make space for their manifestations and hearts desires to fully come in. The results with the women was incredible and all of them have had life changing experiences and upgraded to a better more fulfilling version of them selves!

3. Local Hypnotherapy program – I ran a weekly hypnotherapy program over the summer for people in my local community (The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea). These people did not have the means (funds) to access hypnotherapy or these kinds of therapies / treatments. I delivered over 40 treatments in my local community to a wide range of people with varying issues and reasons to come for therapy. It was so rewarding to give back to my local community and make my local area feel a little brighter for the people who received the hypnotherapy treatments and their families.

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