The Top Ten Energy Healing Awards 2023 – Akleema Ali

First Energy Healing Achievement of 2023

Reiki Mentoring & Sharing Expertise:

1.Being one of 33 renowned leaders and experts in the field of Reiki at the Reiki Rays “Reiki Healing Summit” in November 2023; speaking on “Empowering Your Vision with Reiki: A Step-by-Step- Guide to Creating a Vision Board.”
2. Publications to both Reiki and wellness communities which encourages and motivates others to be brave in owning their modality and honouring their lifestyle:
a. The Art of Stillness (March 2023) – The Universal Life Magazine: A Magazine for Reiki Professionals.
b. Exploring the Distance Symbol Through Food: The Origin of All is Pure Consciousness (August 2023) – The Reiki Healing Association Website Blog.
c. Reiki Beyond Borders: The Importance of Community in the Digital Age (October 2023) – The Universal Life Magazine: A Magazine for Reiki Professionals.
d. Reiki Drumming to Heal the Ancestors (October 2023) – Pillar of Light Magazine.
e. Gateways to Happiness (October 2023) – In the Book: How to be Happy, is it Your Mindset?
f. Meditation Postures of Stillness and Movement (October 2023) – In the Book: Your Mind, Body, Fitness & Wellbeing Balanced.

Second Energy Healing Achievement of 2023
Contribution to The Centre for Reiki Research “Reiki Research Conference.”

1. Panel Moderator.
2. Reiki Drumming Experiential Session.
The Centre for Reiki Research (C.R.R.) Reiki Research Conference held in April 2023 is the first platform of its kind to showcase medical research and projects that highlight the scientific benefits of Reiki. The impact of this conference which launches the future of Reiki; showcases innovative clinical and scientific projects merging Reiki and medicine. The future of Reiki is a world where more collaborations are taking place between Reiki professionals and medical personnel to make medical care and intervention more compassionate through the collection of data and scientific research to highlight Reiki’s effectiveness as a complementary therapy alongside medical treatment.

Third Energy Healing Achievement of 2023
Motivational and Empowerment Speaking Engagements.

Motivational and Empowerment Speaking Engagements aimed not only to empower but to facilitate healing of all forms by consciously engaging with the audience to inspire them to live their lives fully and also engage in uplifting others where they can:
a. Powerhouse Women’s Highlight International Conference- What Will Your Story Be? (January 2023): Wounds of Women.
b. Truth Runners – The Talk Show with Krisztina Konya (February 2023): The Importance of Self-Discovery & Self-Transformation.
c. Pillar of Light Virtual International Speaking Event (March 2023): Subjective Experiences of Receiving Reiki.
d. Women’s Biz Global Grit and Grace Summit (August 2023): The Meaning of Grit & Grace
e. “I AM a Global Champion” International Speaking Event (October 2023): Inspiring Women to “Recognize their Power”
f. EWSP United Declarations for Human Rights Conference (to be held December 10): Discussion of Article 6 & 15

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