The Top Ten Energy Healer Awards 2023 – Kathy Eilers

Kathy Eilers

First Energy Healing Achievement of 2023

Mystery Illness is 1 year old Female:

I helped a young child that was in the children’s hospital and the doctors could not figure out what was wrong with her. The child’s grandparents contacted us and asked us to do our energy work. I recognised energetically what the problem was. We then spend 1 intense week working on and clearing the problem energetically. Within 5 days of the beginning of our work, she was out of the hospital and healing very fast. We spent a total of 2 months working on her and she is doing very well.

Second Energy Healing Achievement of 2023
Demonic Possession:

I had a middle aged female client that came from an eastern European country that was under possession from a very dark, ancient entity. She would go thru multiple symptoms of possession, such as vomiting, eye rolling and choking when we would start to work on her energy. She had several sessions with us and we were able to slowly release the hold this demonic entity had on her. In one of her last sessions with us, we were able to completely release the hold from the demonic possession of this 1000 year old demonic entity. She is now able to live a normal life.

Third Energy Healing Achievement of 2023
Post Surgery Client:

I had a middle aged male client who had lost over 100 lbs that went through surgery to remove the excess skin around his waste. Post surgery I started to work on him to help him heal as pain free as possible. Within 2 days he was able to go out for coffee and dinner. He was able to walk without a walker, and was virtually pain free. When he would feel any pain he would let me know and I would work on the pain then it would be gone. We were able to consult with this clients surgeon and the surgeon was amazed at how well our client was doing. The surgeon advised that this is virtually unheard of, as this is one of the most painful procedures to have done.

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