The differences between Pranic Healing and Reiki

Reiki and Pranic Healing are the ways of holistically treating a person or living being. The principle behind both these treatments is similar, but there is a huge difference between both these healing therapies. Undoubtedly, the main principle is same, but the way of doing the treatment is different for practitioners.

  • Energy Flow Procedure: In Reiki treatment, the flow of energy is undirected and there is free flow of energy. There is full dedication made on the body parts where it is required the most and the main focus is on clearing the blockages in energy field. Pranic healing involves acute awareness of chakras (energy centers) in the body and there is proper focus made on the specific chakras to cleanse and stabilize them. There are specific procedures for handling different diseases or ailments and treatment is made by balancing specific chakra sets.
  • Side Effects: Reiki has no side effects on healer or the person taking it. Pranic healing also has no side effects, but there are very specific guidelines to be followed for the use of energy transformation and chakra healing. If healer is unsure about treating any particular chakra, they should avoid taking any chance on the client for the same to avoid any sort of serious affects on the body.
  • Healing Methodology: Reiki healing can be done by reaching through various levels of attunements learnt by masters or practitioners. This way, they can heal by bringing energy levels at a frequency and turning negative impact into positive energy. Pranic healing makes use of free-floating energy (prana) from different resources (air, sun and earth) and activates body chakras to carry forward the healing process. The negative or discarded energy is cleaned off by neutralizing it in mineral salt.

There are many people who know both these procedures and implement one of them on different conditions. Reiki can be used spontaneously and you will not require anything perquisites for your treatment through this mode of healing. On the other hand, pranic healing requires proper time, equipments (like salt) and methodologies to undergo a correct procedure.

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