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Vicki Renz

This week’s podcast show is with Vicki Renz from Oh My Mama Body discussing Womb Healing and how it supports the body, mind and soul for getting women in an optimal position to conceive. There is so much focus on the physical body that often the holistic side of fertility is completely unheard of. I am so passionate about getting the word out there so that women understand just how much the energy stored in our wombs can affect not just our fertility but our lives in general.

Internal energy blockages in the womb area are very linked to past trauma of relationships, the trauma passed down from the mother, painful events and experiences, all of these could be blocking the flow of female energy and causing way too much subconscious stress. Womb Healing goes deep and releases these traumas. The ladies who come to me feel transformed, they light up and glow as they step into their creative energy flow.

Have a listen and enjoy…


We also have a beautiful “Creative Vibe” to share with you from Baluji Shrivastav OBE and The Inner Vision Orchestra called: Antardrishti -Vlll Revelation.

Baluji is an internationally acclaimed blind Indian musician, composer and teacher. He has worked with stars including Stevie Wonder, Annie Lennox and Shakira. As well a musician in his own right, he is also the founder of The Inner Vision Orchestra, the UK’s only professional orchestra of blind musicians, founded in 2012. And also the founder of the Baluji Music Foundation – a charity helping blind musicians overcome discrimination in their careers.



Not forgetting some beautiful music composed and brought to us by Gabriella Angel in Stockholm, Sweden– “Amor Vincit Omnia” for our welcome and sign off to the podcast show.

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Sharing Some Links From Vicki Renz

that have been mentioned in this podcast show below:

1. Link to my free Self Womb Healing Guide –
2. Link to my YouTube channel:
3. Link to my Healing After Miscarriage Book of Poetry:
4. Link to my Journal for Healing After Miscarriage


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