Niki Kinsella Our Guest On “Let’s Talk Energy Healing With Jacqueline Rose”




Niki Kinsella

Niki Kinsella shares how by really listening and hearing the messages your body is trying to tell you from the inside out, you can connect to your intuition and make clear and confident decisions in your life and business.

By using different mediums of energy healing such as meditation, yoga and the law of attraction to name but a few, they really can change you limiting beliefs of yourself and take you to a place of new found happiness and personal growth. For Niki her journey took her from habitual drugs and alcohol to finding enery healing – it all starts with a single step…


Annie Jameson


We also have a amazing “Creative Vibe” to share with you called “Peaceful Garden” composed by Anne Jameson. This piece brings us thoughts of warm sunny days and the fabulous energy it brings heightening our senses with the visualisation of the colours, smells and sounds of the birds in a beautiful garden.


Gabriella Angel


Not forgetting some beautiful music composed and brought to us by Gabriella Angel in Stockholm, Sweden– “Amor Vincit Omnia” for our welcome and sign off to this second series podcast shows.

The Energy Healing Magazine bringing together professionals energy healing practitioners and brilliant composers from around the globe to share their inspirational knowledge and energy healing music with you.



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