Baluji Shrivastav OBE Shares His Thoughts On How Music Can Have The Power To Heal…



This weeks podcast experience, “Let’s Talk Energy Healing With Jacqueline Rose is one showing how music from bird song to the amazing Baluji Shrivastav OBE and his Inner Vision Orchestra can bring about healing with their music.

Baluji is an internationally acclaimed blind Indian musician, composer and teacher. He has worked with stars including Stevie Wonder, Annie Lennox and Shakira. As well a musician in his own right, he is also the founder of The Inner Vision Orchestra, the UK’s only professional orchestra of blind musicians, founded in 2012. And also the founder of the Baluji Music Foundation – a charity helping blind musicians overcome discrimination in their careers.

We also have a beautiful Creative Vibe from Baluji and his The Inner Vision Orchestra called: Antardrishti – Om: Prayer to Five Elements.


Not forgetting a huge thank you for our Podcast Intro and Sign off music “Bubbles” which has been created by the very talented Gabriella Angel 

Have a listen…

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