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Inner peace isn’t it as easy as placing some Buddhas around, burning incense, wearing a caftan and donning a crystal or two? Wouldn’t it be great if it was that easy! Peace is seen as the ultimate goal to achieve in life today, it’s the one trophy we strive for, to hold proudly above our heads wearing a beautiful serene smile to share with everyone exactly how peaceful we are. Peace is a great prize however; your peace prize shouldn’t be sought for display it’s something that should be obtained just for you.

What is peace, why is it so highly sought after, and can it really help you? Peace simply means that in the midst of the many of the challenge’s life throws your way. Peace gives you the ability to deal with and recover from stressful situations. Learning how to find inner peace is one of life’s most important lessons.

Have you ever been around someone who no matter what is occurring around them stays, what many calls, Zen? A person who radiates serenity, inner peace and calm? A person who brings peace to the whole room without even opening their mouth, this is your ultimate goal and how you get there will vary for everyone.

Here I share some tips and information designed for you to start your pathway to inner peace:

Quick Tips


Research continuously shows that meditation benefits us by allowing us to better cope with stress.


Mindfulness is one of the assets to assist with inner peace. Acknowledging your emotions as they arise, looking at them without judgement and then letting them go, allows the mind to refocus and bring back calmness and control.

Let Go Of The Past

Everyone has regrets about the past. You need to accept you can’t change the past, to let it go and choose to change your future to peace right now, peace cannot begin if there is inner turmoil.


Nature, even in your own backyard, will ground you and help calm your mind down, bring peace back into your heart.

Help Others

Helping others and knowing you’ve made a difference, no matter how small, in someone’s life quickly promotes the feelings of inner peace.

Ignore People’s Talk

What other people say about your life is their opinion not yours so, don’t allow their judgement to affect you and impact your life.

Your goal, your ultimate prize is to be so peaceful, life will easily be a blissful state, a state of total control, gratitude, stillness, happiness and love, this is true inner peace.

How amazing would it be to bring peace to the world by being so blissfully peaceful yourself that you radiate peace and bring peace to others by being you?

That’s how we can make peace contagious….


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