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On the 20th December it will be 1 year since an old boyfriend died. I prefer the word transitioned because I don’t believe that leaving our physical body is the end but a transition into a new beginning.

Typically, I had left the hospice at the time of his passing which is often the case as the dying usually prefer not to have loved ones around at this time, they don’t want them to suffer any more than they have to and wait until they leave the room, typically for a toilet break. Before I left to go home and let the dogs out with the intention of returning straight away I called in his Guardian Angel, healing Angels, guides, soul team and archangel Azrael who is the Angel of Death and can be called upon to assist those who are dying and in death. I thanked Archangel Michael for his protection and asked that he fill the room with golden light. I asked his step Dad and my daughter Ada in spirit to meet him at the light as he crossed over when it was time. I told his higher self that it was okay for him to pass when the time is right, giving permission often gives them comfort. I filled the room with love and light and felt the room was filled with everyone I had called in. I also felt that Jesus was there overseeing everything. Calling in the support team like this is comforting and helps the transition. I said goodbye and left the room. When I got to my car I stopped and wondered if I should go back in but I was called to leave and so that’s what I did.

When I received the phone call to tell me of his passing I immediately returned to the hospice and spent a wonderful 3 hours with him. This is such a healing time that I believe many people miss out on, hearing is the last sense to go and I believe that he heard a lot of the things that were said and the music that I played – we were great music fans and a lot of my messages come from music. As I walked into the room, I sensed that there were other souls around and sent them to the light as well, sometimes they are too scared to go or don’t feel ready to leave family and friends behind for fear of what is next. Letting them know that they have people waiting on the other side and reassuring them that everything is fine is usually enough. When this was complete, I thanked all the Archangels, Angels and guides for the safe crossing over of them.

In those 3 hours as I played songs which all had meaning I felt the need to hold his hand and at that exact moment I had a text from a spiritual friend of mine saying that he wants you to hold his hand, anyone who connects with spirit will tell you that this kind of sign is a really nice confirmation to receive. I saw a medium friend a month or so after who didn’t know these details at the time and I had a message of thanks for helping the crossover because it helped him find his way sooner and without being scared, again even though I felt this myself and had contact with him the outside confirmation is always nice too.

A few important things to remember when helping spirits to cross over are

  • Ask your Angels, guides and/or spirit guides for protection. You only want to work in the light and as an open portal protection is important.
  • Call in the Angels you are guided to ask to help, if in doubt Archangel Azrael is the Angel of Death and can assist. If you are unsure you can go more general and call in Angels and Guides working in the light to be here now to assist, don’t forget to say thank you.
  • You may be guided to ask questions, say a prayer, do a ritual or play music, trust what you receive as each crossing will be individual
  • If other spirits are around which is quite common, they are likely lost and confused. Reassure them that they are going to the light and will be met by people they love and that there is nothing to fear. Call in their guides and ancestors in spirit to show them the way to the light. Again, thank them for their assistance.


Crossed over spirits from people who have died and crossed over into the light are still able to communicate with us if we are open to it. When we are deep in grief, we close ourselves off to receiving the messages. They may reach out with common signs such as feathers or robins but they may be less well known too, I was sent an owl which I heard right outside of my bedroom window and had specific meaning to us. Messages may come in dreams or music to let us know that they are okay if we stay open to receiving them. Their presence is warm and uplifting and nothing to be scared of, in fact it can be quite comforting to know they are still around.


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Alison is running two vision board workshops in January and a Grief Retreat in Hampshire in April. Currently fundraising to enable her self-help journal to be sent to as many hospitals as possible


Alison Cooper – is a Grief and Growth Mentor, Coach, Energy Healer, Card Reader, Magical Thinker & Author.


Alison is a certified still-birthday bereavement doula and mBIT coach, as well as an Angelic Reiki and Rahanni healing practitioner. She is also the author of Over the Rainbow Journal – a self help journal for anyone going through the loss of a baby.


Alison’s life journey has taken her through miscarriages, divorces, car accidents, bereavements and depression. All of these life events have been her opportunities to grow, and clients can too, there is no need to suffer and carry things forever, in fact she believes that we shouldn’t because it will eventually impact our health. Alison believes that life is for living and she appreciates everything she has faced because it has made her who she is today.


Alison coaches clients through all types of grief – whether its losing the love of your life to death or divorce, you have lost yourself after having children or you have everything you ever wanted, but still aren’t happy. You can rise again and you don’t have to do it alone. ​Alison’s clients claim to feel more calm, amazing, happy and relaxed after each session and you can too. Using various coaching, mentoring and healing techniques and working intuitively Alison tailors the sessions to work on your specific needs and goals to assist you in healing, growing and creating the life you desire going forward.

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