Fran McElwaine Joins the team at The Energy Healing Magazine

As a Functional Health & Lifestyle Coach, Fran’s work sits at that sweet spot where Functional Medicine and Life Coaching meet. This means she helps her clients pull together all the little threads that make them who you are, creating powerful strategies for total health and wellness that are tailored to each unique situation. Importantly, her work helps people de-bunk that negative internal narrative that sabotages their best efforts. She helps her clients to break through blocks and limiting beliefs, shift their energy and use food as medicine so that they can feel exactly the way they want to feel.

She believes that, when we are in a state of balance, our body and mind work in perfect synergy.  Dis-ease is often the result of a break-down in the inter-connectedness of our mind and bodily systems and, conversely, healing is simply the process of re-forming those connections, giving the body all the tools it needs to do the only job it wants to do – which is to keep you well and happy.

Sometimes physiological stressors are experienced as mental dis-ease, and sometimes emotional stressors are expressed physically – as a pain, blockage or mal-functioning of bodily systems.  Un-ravelling the subtle balance that is unique to each of us is at the heart of Fran’s work.

For many years Fran worked in the Corporate World where she became dis-connected from what she needed to thrive. The price she paid for a long and stressful career was that she began to experience worrying symptoms of stress-related insulin resistance (and the corresponding gain in weight), chronic joint and muscle pain, depression and chronic fatigue.  Afraid (actually TERRIFIED) that her health was only going to get worse as she got older, she felt she had nothing to lose, and everything to gain, by leaving her job and experimenting with natural ways to recover her health, gradually incorporating mindfulness meditation, movement and positive nutrition into her daily routines.  As she made the connection between the small daily choices she made and the way she felt, she realised that all of us have much more control over how we feel than we realise.  This turned out to be transformational and life-affirming.  Building on her personal experience, she went on to become certified in Health Coaching through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, in Functional Medicine through the School of Applied Functional Medicine and also in Life Coaching as a Quantum Life Coach.

Now, as a Functional Health & Lifestyle Coach, and at 60 years old, she has never been healthier, or happier. Her work incorporates both the science and the emotion of our relationship with food and health. Her expertise lies in understanding the bio-chemistry that lies at the root cause of chronic, lifestyle-related disease and using targeted diet and lifestyle choices, unique to each situation, to reduce inflammation, boost immunity and balance hormones so that her clients can experience true wellness, through and through.

Fran will be writing a regular column for The Energy Healing Magazine starting from next week.

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