Noreen Roche – “Every Horse Has Something To Teach, Every Person Has Something To Learn”

This I know to be true and truth needs to be shared.  Horses speak to us continually offering feedback, which includes information relevant to both our worlds.  At Epona Retreat Centre we meet outdoors in the fields with the horses, here we connect and work with them.  I support & guide my clients to effectively communicate with the horses.

Horses are social animals and for this reason, to fully engage we need to apply direct eye contact thus encouraging an exchange of energy between the horse and the individual wishing to connect.  Being calm and fully present is necessary as horses communicate through mirroring behaviour which once understood can give you a most profound insight into who and where you are at currently.

Equally through my practise which includes various applications from meditations, horse readings, Reiki and other Equine connection therapies the results include:

  • Increased Self Confidence
  • Self-Efficacy
  • Self-Concept
  • Better Communication
  • Growing in Trust
  • Change in Perspective
  • Decreased Isolation
  • More Self-Acceptance
  • Impulse Control
  • Improved Social Skills
  • Awareness of Boundaries & application of same
  • Deeper Spiritual Connection
  • Improved leadership skills

All my work with the horses will help and support you to have the courage to be vulnerable, courage to be supported, courage to see your greatness, courage to be creative, courage to dream big, courage to listen to your intuition, courage to take the next small step, courage to speak your truth, courage to live fully, courage to laugh without control, courage to make decisions, courage to open your heart to unconditionally love, courage to be without judgment and lastly the Courage to be you.

When you submit to your true presence and the now moment with the horses and set aside any expectations thus surrendering control, you will find great peace. Surrendering in this way grants the power to respond to the moment from a clearer perspective instead of reacting out of old, and perhaps dysfunctional habits.

This stillness created through my meditations redirects from old behaviour patterns & habits that do not serve.  When you are able to be STILL peace rules.

Horses respond to our desire for change and assist us in becoming aware of what we are thinking and feeling hence encouraging us to become more emotionally balanced.

The horses guide you to become the best version of YOU.  Be the change you want to see in YOURSELF.  Allow the future vision of YOU to be your hero.

Ask yourself the question how would my horses react in front of you? Frustrated, Domineering, Anxious, Overwhelmed, Yearning Love & Contentment?


About The Author

Lizzie, Noreen, Isabel & Ruby

Noreen Roche is a Transformational Equine Coach & Energy Healer at Epona Retreat Centre, Ireland.  Noreen partners with her 3 horses to teach personal development skills to both individuals and Groups.  Noreen’s intention is to help woman to find hope and forgiveness within themselves and walk a path of truth and happiness. She guides and supports woman to experience a feeling of connection with their true self through the horses so that you can begin living an authentic life.

Noreen is an expert Animal Reiki Master and was introduced to Equine Therapy Energy Healing and participated in Conscious Horse, Conscious Rider Workshops over the last 10years.

Noreen was seeking enlightenment and started exploring and understanding the spiritual talents of her 3 horses.  The horses offered her a vision, based on listening to her Core Values.  Noreen was then introduced to the art of Feng Shui, Level 1.

Noreen created her own Signature Transformational Workshop “Courage to be Me and completed a 1 year Wish Tree Mastermind Academy Coaching Programme.

Noreen participated in a 10 month sacred mentorship with the horses where she learnt the gifts and wisdoms of “Woman Who Run with Horses” Equus & Leadership Coaching.

Noreen is currently doing a TaiChi/QiGong & Mediation 3 year Diploma Course to help her connect even deeper with her inner wisdom and create a sacred spiritual retreat at Epona.

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