Neck, Shoulder, Back Attacks… Holistic Pain Relief with Floating

Between working in the office, taking care of the kids and remembering to pick up groceries and the dry cleaning, it goes without saying that our bodies are constantly working in a fast-paced society. Throughout the week and through all of these activities, it is not often we remember to take time for ourselves and recognize what it is our bodies need.

Most of us are hard at work sitting at a desk, planted in front of a computer and intermittently taking breaks to check our smartphone. Between sitting all day and the constant movement of the neck, our bodies become restricted, and it decreases our overall range of motion. These restrictions cause our bodies to accumulate stress and tension in vulnerable areas like the neck, shoulders and back. These issues also leave us feeling the effects on our overall health and well-being.

The longer this tension goes untreated and builds up, the more intense the pain can become and can even turn chronic. Our nerves can also become hypersensitive and contribute to the weakening of the health and mobility of our cervical spine. Through different stretching and relaxation techniques, our body is able to release tight muscles, joints and ligaments, which aids in the elimination of calcification and atrophy.

Suggested treatments for upper body pain can vary between exercises, medications or at-home remedies, but True REST Float Spa offers a relaxing, fun and effortless way to reduce stress and pain while rejuvenating both the mind and body. During hourlong sessions, our bodies effortlessly float in a solution made up of 1,000 pounds of Epsom salts and 180 gallons of water. Each float pod is adjusted to body temperature. This all-natural approach helps alleviate a wide range of ailments including sore muscles, inflammation, arthritis and other tensions found within the body.

Floating provides a weightless sensation, prompting the brain to enter into the theta brain wave state often associated with deep sleep and dreaming. Adjusting to the buoyancy can take a few minutes as the body adapts to the effortlessness that True REST Float Spa provides. In the beginning, many participants unknowingly hold up the head and the neck trying to fight the float, but this only prevents the muscles from full restoration and relaxation, and can even add more strain to areas that are already tense. They quickly learn that letting go not only brings immediate but welcome relief.

In addition to the salt-water mixture, True REST Float Spa includes magnesium to help detoxify the body by reducing stress hormones like cortisol. Magnesium has also been proven to help positively increase cognitive function and the ability to rest and sleep, allowing the brain to receive the necessary signals to turn off. Further, the float pod provides a sensory and gravity-free environment, restricting external sources of distraction for an extreme form of rest. This allows a natural increase in dopamine and other neurotransmitters, creating a sense of euphoria that aides in relaxation.

One of the unique aspects of floating is the environment’s ability to allow you to relax deeply—beyond boredom. While in the float pod, the lack of stimulation from outside sources gives your brainwaves a chance to slow down, transitioning from the bustling beta waves we typically experience while awake to slower and smoother theta waves—the same type of waves that occur in the blissful between-awake-and-asleep-stage.

Many members say that their session seems, on the one hand, to have been of a great and restorative duration, yet on the other—to have whisked by! The ultra-relaxed state indicative of theta wave production truly slows you down in a wonderful way.

Not only is this theta state extraordinarily pleasant, it is also extremely therapeutic and restorative—and is even fertile ground for dream-like experiences, while awake.

Incorporating floating is highly recommended to continue the longevity of pain relief. Additionally, every day measures can be carried out between float sessions to continue to reduce stress, tension and pain. Taking action to step away from harmful activities or to stand and stretch will effectively increase the body’s overall functionality.

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About True REST Float Spa

True REST Float Spa is the world’s largest float spa brand. With 78 awarded locations, including 32 open locations and another 15 opening this year across the country, it is on its way to servicing 1 million floats. True REST Float Spa has created a luxury float spa experience in 10 inches of water and 1,000 pounds of Epsom salts. Members float effortlessly in their float suite. Each location is dedicated to providing pain relief, relaxation and better sleep through a 60-minute float session. True REST Float Spa offers monthly memberships programs and packages. For more information, go to and for franchising opportunities, go to


Nick Janicki is the founder of True REST Float Spa.  True REST offers floatation therapy in luxury private suites and has helped tens of thousands of people with chronic pain, stress, sleep disorders, anxiety and depression. Elite athletes and navy seals are using floating for recovery, improved performance and super-learning. Nick and Holly Janicki opened the first True REST Float Spa in 2009, after searching the globe for the most advanced available healing technologies for their own use. They spent months of research and planning and bet their life savings on this form of relaxation. It worked. Nick has an extensive meditation background and believes the “human being” is the highest and most underutilized technology in this dimensional plane. Nick believes in a cosmic characteristic that guides all beings and hopes humankind can progress their moral character and general nature towards integrity, goodness and temperance.



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