Karina Grant – If Quantum-Touch Energy Healing Can Align Bones So Easily, What Else Can Happen?

In 2005 my Father was diagnosed with an aggressive type of Parkinson’s dis-ease called MSA.  As I sat at my desk at work and googled the first word that came to my mind – healing, the first website that came up was Quantum-Touch (QT). Within a few minutes of reading about this modality I knew that my life was about to change. I knew QT would help my Father and I knew I would be teaching it to others.

One of the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease is a very hunched spine. After I left the QT workshop I began giving him healing immediately. My Mother and I watched in amazement as my Father began to sit up straight in his chair. His previously anemic looking face began to take on a pink and rosy colour as he buoyantly walked across the room with a glowing smile. The straightening of his spine was so pronounced that he actually looked taller and straighter than I had ever seen him before. This was my first experience of Quantum-Touch and the tipping point into a new and exciting life.

As I continued to practice my new QT skills on friends and family, it became very apparent to me that if I simply focused the energy on straightening out the spine and balancing structure, most symptoms would significantly improve. Quantum-Touch has great success with balancing and aligning bones so it is really easy to demonstrate how effective it is. So much so that we can measure the height of a person’s hips before and after a session, and see a clear difference in the alignment.

This is why Quantum-Touch practitioners will give so much attention to re-balancing the hips, shoulder blades and other areas of the body which need realigning. This subsequently has a very positive effect on how the energy flows through the rest of  body and on a myriad of physical and emotional conditions.

Why Do Doctors And Nurses Learn Quantum-Touch?

As soon as I began teaching Quantum-Touch I noticed that whilst many holistically minded people would attend the workshops, they were equally filled with just as many scientifically minded medical professionals. The scientific principles of resonance and entrainment are so easily explained in the workshop that it leaves the door wide open to people from all beliefs to benefit from this extraordinary modality. It is well known that traditional therapists have a high rate of depression and suicide. There is a hypothesised explanation for this and whenever any type of therapist attends a Quantum-Touch workshop, they are always excited to learn how to go from being the sponge that mirrors their client in order to build rapport, to being the reflector that the other person resonates to instead. This flips traditional therapy completely on its head.

Rather being drained at the end of the day, Quantum-Touch practitioners are energised and vivified. By keeping their own energy in a highly energised state their entire focus is taken away from the client’s pain. This opens the space for the client’s vibration to increase as they mirror and resonate to the practitioner. When this happens the body’s innate healing mechanism kicks in. Bones have the ability to align with ease, pain has the space to start to diminish and the body is reminded that it has an inbuilt healing intelligence that supersedes any technology that will ever be created.

Are There Any Limits On This Type Of Healing?

The limits on what can be helped with the power of focused energy, breathing, intention and thought are defined by our own minds. The more open we are to miracles, the more commonplace they become in our healing sessions. That is why Richard Gordon (Founder of Quantum-Touch) coined the phrase “normacles”, as miracles became such a regularity with practitioners that they were “normal” and expected.

Quantum-Touch also creates a space for the client and practitioner to have a symbiotic healing. As the facilitator applies the techniques their own health is increased at the same time as the clients. There are many labels to describe pain and many conditions with a variety of symptoms. In Quantum-Touch we simply “run the energy” and let the body intelligence do what it does best – heal.

Would you like to learn how to reduce or eliminate pain for yourself and others?

There are so many benefits to learning Quantum-Touch. This is just the beginning…


About The Author

Karina is the Advanced Quantum-Touch Instructor for England and has taught many large workshops internationally and online. She mentors new practitioners and instructors and has spent over a decade teaching mindfulness and energy healing to both medical and complementary health care professionals.

Her workshops are attended by Doctors, nurses, public health advisors, research scientists, CEO’s, parents, carers, charities, teachers and a variety of other professional backgrounds. She has also enjoyed teaching meditation in large corporations and has trained people from The World Health Organisation and other prestigious organisations.

She is hugely passionate about teaching in charities and non-profit organisations. This includes teaching Mindfulness to amazing charities such as Groundswell, who do ground breaking work with homeless people in London, how to achieve greater health and vitality.

Karina has been invited to teach and give talks about Quantum-Touch, Wellness and Mindfulness sessions at global corporations and also at The British Government’s Department of Energy and Climate Change.

The HI CHI Integrated Health Institute offers powerful resources to facilitate balance and wellness. Karina is a member of The British Holistic Medical Association and The College of Medicine .

Please visit www.hichi-life.com and join a life changing Quantum-Touch workshop.

Website: karinagrant.co.uk 



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