Can you write a book chapter about the law of attraction?

Kizzi Magazine is producing a ground breaking book exploring the powerful nature of the law of attraction.  Can you contribute a chapter?

The book, Believe and Succeed:  The Law of Attraction Uncovered,  examines what the law of attraction is,  how it works,  how we can energise it and how we can use it in our everyday lives.   Perhaps you’ve experienced the law of attraction in your personal or business life or can advise readers on how open their mind to the endless possibilities presented by the law of attraction.  If you can write a chapter on this amazing scientific phenomenon we would like to hear from you.

If we can use your chapter we will publish your profile, photograph and a link to your site.  Believe and Succeed:  The Law of Attraction Uncovered will be produced as a paperback and ebook and marketed online and in book stores.  Email:  .  You can visit Kizzi Magazine at

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