Antonia Harman – What Is Dis-Ease?

I think that dis-ease is far more simple than we have assumed it to be. I have made some discoveries that I wanted to share with the Energy Healing Magazine audience. Discoveries that may be too far down the rabbit hole for the main stream at present? Hold onto you hats it’s time to paradigm shift!

The Basics

Let’s start from the beginning. Emotion is energy, the clue is in the name e-motion energy in motion. It is non-physical it’s in our energy fields and auras.  You know when you hang out with someone who is sad, or angry or upset even happy you can pick up on it instantly? You can smell their mood like a rancid smell or sweet perfume. It’s in the air, a gas. Emotion is non-physical it stagnates and follows a person, our sixth sense detects it, almost smells it.

The Big Eraser

I have developed a way to instantly dissolve emotional energy. I call this technique ‘The Big Eraser’ you learn it on my level 1 class. All you need to do is to feel it, to think of the situation and open up Pandora’s box. Allow the emotions to bubble up. As soon as you can feel them, I can feel them empathetically. As soon as I can feel them, I can clear them.

I do this by intention. I have spent a great deal of the last 13 years in a trance state awakening my latent healing abilities. Abilities we all have, which are simply locked away. You see, I believe each and every one of us to be Gods and Goddesses we just forgot how awesome we are.


Not many people know that they are 160,000 monks in Chinese and Tibetan written history who had ascended abilities, all the Siddhis (spiritual super-powers). It wasn’t just one particularly famous chap from Nazareth. The abilities are incredible, mind-blowing but not completely unique. This means that it is possible, rare and hard no doubt but possible.

Now for the ground-breaking stuff.

What Is Dis-ease?

Drum roll please. Dis-ease is simply stagnated emotion, you may have heard that before? The new part is how if forms, and thus how it can be dissolved.

Firstly, you need to understand that emotion is a gas. Once you have that concept we can continue. Okay, next think of changes of states.


When a gas is ‘under pressure’ or cooled it becomes a liquid. The pressure can of course be caused by too much of it, i.e. obsessing about something or other. I’m sure you have done a healing i.e. sports and felt ‘lighter’ after. Releasing emotions lets the steam out, quite literally.  There is less pressure, less heaviness, so you feel lighter. The emotional fog may have eased to a mist, or better yet clear sky’s.


I think that some illnesses can be seen as liquids. A cyst is a ball of fluid, a liquid. Chronic pain such as fibromyalgia moves around, it doesn’t have a fixed location. You could say it sloshes around like a liquid.

Now, I have had great results clearing both Cysts and FM. ‘Clear the emotion clear the dis-ease’ is my motto. I ended up with a cyst a while back. I looked it up in Evette Rose’s book ‘Metaphysical Anatomy’ to find out what the emotional ‘why’ of my cyst was. I used ‘The Big Eraser’ and some other magical techniques and it was gone in 3 days. I felt it dissolve. I was extremely grumpy as the liquid transmuted into a back into a gas. I had a scan before and after the work and it had completely vanished.


What is a solid then I hear you ask? Well cancer is hard lump, a dense ball of cells. It tends not to hurt and is rock solid. That’s right it’s a solid. It’s the densest form of emotion.

I worked on a mother and daughter several years ago, her husband/ father had recently passed. Now they were both absolutely devastated by his death. The mother had breast cancer, she was near death and had been sent home to die. Her lump was in the lower left quadrant of her left breast. Her daughter had a lump there too, hers was soft and squishy, malleable. It was new so she hadn’t been assessed by a doctor yet.  It was a ball of fluid, probably a cyst or something similar?

I worked with the daughter dissolving the grief around her fathers death. Now this was years ago. By that stage I was able to clear grief in a few minutes, I’m even quicker now. Hers was really hard to do. As if I was channeling through tar or syrup. It took me 3 days of intense healing to clear it, and I did. When I spoke to her at the end of the 3 days her grief was gone and her lump had vanished. I wonder if that may have turned to cancer if we hadn’t cleared it? Possibly?

Solid, Liquid, Gas

That is what dis-ease really is. Disease is primarily manifested by our thoughts, our obsessions. Why not reverse it? If you think about it, everything is created in this way.

“If you can’t explain something simply you don’t know it well enough” Einstein

That chair you are sitting on has the same process of gas, liquid, solid. It started as a thought in someone’s head, they drew it or designed it on a PC, which comes to the same (liquid), it was then printed into plans and then made with materials (solid).

Writing is called ‘spelling’ the act of writing is making spells. Think what you want (gas), write it with a pen (liquid) on paper (solid). That is why manifesting is stronger when we write it down. You will notice many things fit the formula, which goes some way to proving its validity.

It’s time to awaken the God or Goddess within!


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