Andrew Hackett: Why the Love and Fear Dichotomy is important for Energy Healers

Congruence is a vital component of integrity in everyday life. Have you ever had a boss that said one thing and did another? How did that make you feel? Not great, right?

That’s because their behaviour wasn’t congruent. A lack of congruence is scientifically demonstrated to cause mental pain to the person observing it.

This is just as true for energy healers as it is for bosses. When we don’t demonstrate congruence in ourselves, it can cause pain for others.

Energy Is Transmitted Instantly

Our energy is what defines us. It’s the power that lets the room know who we are before we’ve even stepped inside.

We use our energy to influence our work and every person that we encounter. That means we need to be conscious of our energy and be aware of how it is manifesting at any given moment.

Energy Is A Choice

In order to heal the energy of others we need to be in charge of our own energy. That is we need to choose the energy that we present and how it will be perceived by others.

We need to be congruent in the way that we share our energy. When we demonstrate congruence, we’re in the position to use our energy to heal rather than inflict pain.

The Love And Fear Dichotomy Dilemma

What do we do when our own lives don’t make it easy to project the perfect energy? When we still feel love for the world around us but are living in a state of fear?

It’s easy to fall into this trap if you’re not being conscious of how you are living in the moment. After all, no matter how amazing life can be – we can all have a bad day, right?

The Solution

The solution is to ensure that we are living the way that we encourage others to live. That means we have to do the inner work wherever and whenever we are challenged by life to feel fear.

We need to live and breathe the love and everything that we seek in this world. We must acknowledge our thoughts and feelings without allowing them to consume us.

In meditation, we allow these thoughts and feelings space to leave and allow them to pass without becoming attached to them. It is this that impacts on our inner energy.

We’ve All Seen It

Everyone has seen an energy healer who isn’t living up to their end of this bargain. The moment they step out of the healing room, they step out of the person they should be and become incongruent.

They project judgement and the shallow reflection of their ego and they then become confused why their practice is suffering?

It’s their own energy that stands in their way and it’s their own energy that they need to become responsible for before they can expect things to improve.


Congruence is a vital factor not just in energy healing but in every area of your life. Parents that tell their children, “Do as I say not as I do!” don’t achieve great results and it works no better as you get older and people get smarter than kids.

When you find that your outer world is interfering with your ability to be congruent, take time to adjust and live the you that you want to be.

Are there any tips you can share to help others become better at living their true self?


By Andrew Hackett


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