Marina Ormes Shares How To Use The 4 Elements

Using The 4 Elements To Amplify Your Intentions

To manifest what your soul most deeply desires, you need to go a step further than making a wish or setting intentions. You need a plan that uses the elements to support you on all four energetic levels: mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional. To get started, you’ll identify and set your intentions with an alignment statement; It is part affirmation, part vision statement. Once you have an alignment statement, your next step is to support yourself through the elements of air, earth, fire, and water, and take advantage of doorways that open on your journey. Doing these simple steps can lead you in the direction of breakthrough and discovery and help you embrace positive changes in your life.

The Alignment Statement:

This is a statement of your intentions. The alignment statement is a statement of what you desire that you can choose in any moment to align with; it is part affirmation, part vision statement. Make your alignment statement as clear and tangible as possible. It can always be modified later. I recommend that you set your intentions and create your alignment statement on or around the New Moon. The following questions can help you narrow down your alignment statement and hone in on what you desire.

Alignment Statement Focus Questions:

  1. What area of life do you want to focus on (health, finances, relationships, etc.)? What are your personal goals in that area? Think about what would solve long-term problems or make a real difference in your life. Just choose one thing to focus on for now; you can add others later if you wish.
  1. For the area of focus in 1, identify the ultimate ideal outcome you would most love to have (e.g., pain-free, $X per month, feeling supported, etc.)
  1. For the ideal outcome in 2, describe how it feels to have that outcome. What does it bring into your life: freedom, safety, joy, trust, etc.? Put this description in the present tense, as though you are already having that experience. Let yourself take on the feelings that this outcome brings.
  1. Write an alignment statement that captures your goal and also the qualities you want to step into at this time. Remember, if you are not setting your intentions consciously, you are unconsciously manifesting what you don’t want through your unconscious thoughts, so it is worth setting aside some time and space to get in touch with what you desire. Give yourself some quiet time and maybe take a bath or go for a walk; allow yourself to focus on opening to what is important to you. Do not worry about writing the perfect alignment statement. You can revisit and change your statement during the next New Moon (or sooner) if you find it doesn’t feel quite right.

To help you, here are some sample alignment statements. If you are not sure what you want or if you’re just looking for a sense of well-being, you might choose a more general alignment statement like this:

I feel good about my life and know I have used what I have to make a positive difference for myself, those I love, and the world around me.

If you are working toward specific goals or outcomes, make your alignment a statement more like these examples:

I have lost twenty pounds in the past year. I feel light, beautiful, and free. My debt is completely paid off, and I have saved enough money to go on a trip to a country I have always wanted to visit. I feel excited, open, and filled with possibilities.

 My art is being displayed publicly and bringing beauty and healing to a wide audience. I am making $X each month doing my art and no longer need to work a part-time job. I feel validated, honoured, and valued.

If you are working on healing a particular issue or area of life, you might want to choose an alignment statement like these examples:

I am in a long-term relationship with a partner who tells me “I love you” every day. We are building a future together. I feel supported and complete.

I no longer hold myself back and play small. I am allowing myself to be seen and to share my skills so others can benefit. I feel useful, spontaneous, and whole.

My body is free of cancer. I am able to spend time with my grandchild every week. I feel alive, energized, and joyful.

My pain is gone. I am able to move freely and bicycle every day. I feel inspired and creative.

The Elements

Once you have your alignment statement, you can choose simple ways to support yourself in each of the four dimensions of healing: air (mental/mindset), earth (physical/self-care), fire (spiritual/actions), and water (emotional/feelings).


  1. (Air) Mindset is becoming aware of what you think. Notice the self-talk you have and where your thoughts are or are not in alignment with your alignment statement.

The tricky thing about thoughts is that you often aren’t aware you are having them. So, the first step to this process is to teach yourself to be aware of your thoughts. Here are some suggestions to help you in this process:

  1. Set an alarm to go off two or three times a day. When it goes off, ask yourself what you are thinking.
  2. Start to notice how your body feels when you have stressful thoughts. Perhaps you breathe more shallowly, you feel tense or your jaw tightens, or you feel small. Start to pay attention to your body’s signals so you get better at noticing when they happen.
  3. Notice what you are thinking when you engage in unhealthy patterns such as reaching for junk food or spending too much time on the computer or watching TV. What are you thinking when you are doing those things? What are you thinking when you make healthier choices?
  4. Set aside a few moments at the end of the day to reflect or journal on the thoughts you had that day. Notice when you have thoughts that support and align with your alignment statement, and when you have thoughts that do not agree. This is a skill that takes time to develop but practicing a little bit each day goes a long way.


Examples of thoughts that are not in alignment:

  • I don’t deserve this change.
  • I have to do XYZ first before I can have what I want.
  • I’m too (busy, out of shape, undisciplined, etc.)
  • I’m not good at this.

Examples of thoughts that are in alignment:

  • I can do this.
  • I may not know how, but I trust it will work out.
  • I am open to seeing how this is possible.
  • I am learning how to (be focused, get in shape, find the time, etc.)
  1. 2. (Earth) Self-care is the practice of attending to your own needs so you can be strong, be available to support those you love, and feel energized and capable of offering your authentic gifts.

Self-care includes behaviours and practices like getting enough rest, good nutrition, appropriate exercise, creative time, etc. Without judging yourself, look at what you do to take care of yourself daily, weekly, and monthly. What needs are being met? What needs are not being met? What is the single, most important thing you could do to help yourself feel better on a daily basis?

Notice how your self-care practices agree with your alignment statement and in what ways they do not agree. It is important not to be overly ambitious in implementing changes in this area. If you find that you are far from your ideals, do not allow that to deter you (go back to mindset and choose the thinking that agrees with your alignment statement). I recommend that you do not attempt to change everything that needs changing unless you are ready to do so. Instead, choose only one or two small things you can do this month that will bring a positive change.

  1. (Fire) Actions are the concrete steps you take to make things happen. This is where you ask yourself what you are prepared to do or try that is in alignment with what you want. All the intentions in the world will not bring something into being if you aren’t willing to do what you need to do to make it happen.

Choose one to three simple, doable action steps that you are willing and ready to take. Examples might be making a phone call, cleaning your workspace, requesting time with someone to discuss a sensitive topic, or going shopping. Choose something that supports your intentions and takes you a little bit outside your comfort zone. Your willingness to find courage and take a risk is an important way to state to the universe that you are willing to take an important step in alignment with your alignment statement.

Fire can also include making a decision. When you make a choice, you eliminate something else. Acting decisively or making a decision can be an important way of claiming what you want. To make a choice is to take a risk but it is also a way of getting yourself to the next decision, and the next. If you make the right choice, you feel good about it. If your decision feels like a failure, it teaches you something about how to be stronger and how to be the person you need to be to create the results you want. Be willing to learn from your mistakes and remember that down the road it will not matter as much as it does right now.

  1. (Water) Feelings, or choosing vibrational alignment, is a way of supporting your intentions that reminds you of the feeling of the results you are creating. In this step, you will choose something that activates your senses and holds the vibration of what you want: a vision board, drawing, aromatherapy blend, gemstone, flower essence, written affirmation, etc. This action provides energetic support for what you are choosing to create.

Vibrational alignment anchors your intentions and helps bring them from the energetic realm into the physical realm. Choose something you already have or incorporate something new that resonates for you.

There is no right or wrong. Here are some ideas:

  • Simply carry a special rock or gemstone in your pocket that reminds you of your intentions.
  • Write your intentions on a piece of paper and tape it where you will see it every day.
  • Create a vision board—a collage with images that represent the qualities of what you are creating. Assemble your supplies and set aside thirty to sixty minutes to focus on your vision board. Cut out images from magazines or newspapers or print images you find online, if you prefer, and paste them into a collage. Choose pictures and qualities that agree with your alignment statement.
  • Create an altar or a special place in your home or office that intentionally supports what you want to create. Light some incense or a candle on your altar as an affirmation that you are bringing the results you want into being.
  • You could also consider consulting an expert in aromatherapy or flower essences to help you put together a special blend that supports your intentions.
  • Read up about animal spirits and invite in one that speaks to you.

The options are limitless; the idea is to choose something simple or fun that reminds yourself that you are creating outcomes, learning, and growing.

Remember that manifestation is a process! It is about the journey, so remember to re-evaluate your alignment statement regularly, and check in with how the elements are supporting you, updating as you go.

This is an excerpt from Marina’s book Astrology Heals: The Ormes Method of Transformational Astrology. Learn more about Marina’s work at


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She is the author of Astrology Heals: The Ormes Method of Transformational Astrology and Cycles of Healing: Personal Transformation in Relationship to a Living Cosmos, and a contributing author to the anthology Nurse Sparks.


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