Planting Trees Around The World: Lifesaver Or Time-Waster?

Trees, trees, trees… How did they become such a hot topic? They’ve been around forever, so why are they getting so much attention all of a sudden? There seems to be such a push to keep on planting trees around the world right now – do we really even need trees?

If you don’t get the hype, then don’t worry. I’m here to help explain.

Does Anybody Actually Benefit From Planting Trees?

Recently, new studies have identified trees as our most powerful asset in battling climate change. Forbes, The Guardian, and The Washington Post are just three of many different international outlets to report that tree-planting has a ‘mind-blowing potential’ to capture a huge amount of carbon dioxide from our atmosphere.

So are all of these environmental experts getting it wrong? Or does planting trees really benefit the planet?

Are Trees Really The Answer?

Ok – I’ll take off my undercover mask now. Of course we all benefit from planting trees!

Trees are the answer when it comes to battling climate change. On top of that, planting trees is considered one of the most cost-effective ways to save our world.

It’s a hot topic because well, that topic has been hot so literally recently, hasn’t it? The Amazon, Siberia, Australia – you would be forgiven for believing the world was recently on fire.

Mother Earth has never needed our help more than now. And the best part is that she’s already given us the perfect solution.

So How Do You And I Benefit?

Ok, so I’ve told you that trees are the solution. But what difference does that make to you and I?

Well, first of all, we both need to, uhm…breathe. If trees disappear, then so does the oxygen we need to survive. Furthermore, trees provide reliable, stable work for families all over the world. And that goes a long way to helping meet 16 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. (And yes, I don’t want to meet all 17 goals.)

On top of that, trees provide a valuable habitat for thousands of animal species across the globe. Whether they’re birds in the sky, crustaceans in the sea, or elephants on land, animals need the shelter, minerals, and food that trees provide.

So we stay alive. And the animals are protected but what about our planet? Trees are natural carbon sinks. They capture carbon dioxide, regulate water supplies, and they even improve soil and land. They’re exactly what our planet needs.

What Can I Do To Help?

By now, we’re sure you get the idea. Trees are literally lifesavers! So what are you going to do about it?

Well… how about planting a tree right now? With just a few clicks you can plant a tree and make a difference. And you can plant that tree for as little as a couple of coffees. One of them is a luxury for us; the other one is essential to our survival.

Want to provide a home for an adorable elephant calf? How about planting Trees for the Seas? You can plant your tree right here, right now. There’s no better time than now. And that goes for your company too.

There are plenty of incentives for your business to plant trees. In whatever way they want. We help you plant trees for every direct booking, for every target you reach, or even as an optional extra for your customers. Your brand becomes more sustainable, and you help to save the planet in the process.

Everybody wins.

That’s my opinion. What do you think about planting more trees? Are you joining the movement? Or do you think planting trees is a waste of time? Is climate change even real?

Drop a comment below – I want to hear your opinion.

About The Author

Chris Kaiser is the founder and CEO of Click A Tree. He has worked and lived on 5 continents to date. His last stint in Thailand, living and working in close contact with elephants, drove him to develop Click A Tree, a company that helps individuals plant trees and fight climate change from the comfort of their screens.

His vision is to melt capitalistic values and charitable work together, and he’s currently on a mission to help businesses become more sustainable while driving profits at the same time. Together with corporate partners of different sizes and from various industries he develops tailor-made strategies to make planting trees profitable, so both our planet and the partnering businesses benefit.


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