How the chakras relate to our lives

We are conditioned to believe that when we are upset it is because something happened to us that caused the upset. However, this is exactly backwards. When an upsetting event occurs, such as pain, disease or discomfort in the body, or an “outer” circumstance such as losing a job or a relationship, that occurrence is a reflection of an “upset” that was already within us, usually below our conscious awareness.

For example, let’s say your husband or wife wants a divorce and you feel upset. The event of your partner wanting a divorce is a manifestation of a part of you that is “divorced” from another part of you – a place where you have pulled away from yourself. However we experience being treated by someone else is a reflection of how we treat ourselves, which is how we believe (usually unconsciously) we SHOULD be treated.

The chakras would reflect the beliefs as well, most likely in the solar plexus and heart in this example, as well as the throat and the first two chakras, to varying degrees. All the organs and cells in the areas of the body related to the chakras would also be affected.

Healing occurs spontaneously when we allow it to in chakra meditation

swirling vortex of light

In the previous example, there would be a corresponding emotion and body sensation tied into the upset regarding the divorce. In this case, a powerful chakra meditation would be to simply be with this body sensation and give it full permission to be here as it is. This is a direct way to energetically connect all the way back to the inner beliefs (even if you’re not fully aware of what the beliefs are) that are the ACTUAL cause of the upset, without getting stuck in the recycling of the story about the divorce.

By staying with the sensation itself, the emotions and related chakras that are compromised will begin to open and heal on their own, and chakra clearing occurs automatically.

In this type of chakra meditation, by embracing whatever arises in awareness that we call “upset,” the trauma within a chakra is gradually released, allowing it to spin and work in synchronicity with the other chakras as a team. This facilitates inner harmony and balance as your entire energy field shifts to a more unified whole. Once our energy field is aligned with wellbeing in this way, healing begins organically. Our innate intelligence knows exactly how to take care of the mind, emotions and body, once we turn toward our inner conflicts rather than away from them.

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