Holy Lama Naturals – A Body Care Range That Cares For You, Its Workers & The Environment

All of Holy Lama Naturals’ products are made using the finest quality ingredients sourced primarily from local farmers in Kerala or elsewhere in India, building on over seven decades of strongly established relationships with farmers.  A genuine bond of trust exists between supplier and buyer not least because Holy Lama Naturals runs on a no-credit principle so that all the farmers and raw material suppliers are paid immediately and with fair prices.

In many developing communities (and let’s face it in Western society too!), there is sometimes an inequality in wages for men and women, but this is not the case for Holy Lama Naturals where equal pay is ensured, irrespective of gender.  In addition, annual wage increases are always made in line with inflation, so wages are assured, no matter how low the market falls.

Holy Lama Naturals is also a Kerala Government recognised women’s enterprise, where over 80% of the workforce are women, mainly from disadvantaged backgrounds.  They may have been widowed, deserted by a partner, abused or left as a single parent, and under normal circumstances would have been rejected in a traditionally male dominated society.  Work at the factory provides these women with much needed self-confidence and financial independence.  Holy Lama Naturals is like a family to its employees and women of all ages, castes and religions are welcome, working together in harmony.

Holy Lama Naturals body care products are predominantly made from natural ingredients avoiding the use of harsh chemicals or synthetics and are GM free.  They are also made without testing on animals and are vegan friendly.  Wherever possible sustainable materials are used for packaging such as the ‘oyster-like shells’ for the soaps, made from areca palm leaves that have been shed naturally by the tree.  The factory’s sustainable model ensures there is less than 1% wastage in production and any waste is used as fuel or cattle feed, making the company’s carbon footprint exceptionally low.

The popular soaps are made using cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil as the base and are 100% natural; they contain no parabens or harsh chemicals, no animal fats, are ethically sourced and are registered with the vegan society.    The soaps are lovingly moulded by hand into the attractive round soap bars.  They don’t crack or go mushy like many other soaps do, but they are long lasting, provide a rich, creamy lather and have fabulous fragrances that linger deliciously long after washing.

Choose from:

  • Yogi Soap – benefits from the unique properties of Ayurveda’s most esteemed botanicals, neem and tulsi, both of which have natural anti-bacterial properties.  This soap won Best New Body Care Product 2019 at the Natural & Organic Product Awards Europe and silver at the Free-From Skincare Awards 2019
  • Kewra (coconut oil) Soap – offers an invigorating and rejuvenating oriental floral scent
  • Curcuma (turmeric) Soap – harnesses turmeric’s natural anti-bacterial properties
  • Rainforest (vetivert) Soap – provides a natural cooling effect for all over freshness

Individual bars can be bought for £4.50,  or stunning gift packs of all four soaps in a palm leaf tray are available for £16.00 from www.holylama.co.uk or Amazon.

The Full Holy Lama Natural’s Body Care Range comprises:

Face Care                                    Massage Oils                 Handmade Soaps             Body Care

Face Cream                                        Everfresh                            Rainforest Soap                Shower Gel

Cleansing Lotion                               Revitalizing                         Yogi Soap                            Body Lotion

Face Wash                                          Bliss                                       Curcuma Soap                   Body Cream

Rose Water Spray                            Enhance                                 Kewra Soap                        Body Scrum

Face Mist Bergamot                        Relaxation                                                                           Aloe Vera Gel

Lip Balm                                                                                                Hair Care                       Holy Balm

Under Eye Cream                             Bath Oils                       Nalikera Shampoo              Foot Cream

Face Serum                                        Chaitanya                            Hair Conditioner               Hand Cream

Face Pack                                            Nishant                                Hair Oil                                 Deodorant

For products that really are kind to you, to the workers that make them and to the environment try Holy Lama Naturals body care range.

About The Author


Gouri Kubair is the UK MD and granddaughter of the founder of the company based in Kerala, India. Holy Lama Naturals is a family business based in Kerala with its origins in the essential oils industry.  For over 70 years they have been making natural body care products based on ancient Ayurvedic principles, to ensure a balance of body, mind and spirit.  This sense of well-being permeates the business and is demonstrated in the way it is run and the products it makes.

To discover for yourself the indulgent body care range visit www.holylama.co.uk

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