Gila Nehemia – Using Frequencies To Cope With Your Challenges

As I sat outside my front yard under the shade, I remembered just a few weeks ago I was unable to shop outside or gather in groups. I spent lots of time alone. How did I cope? Was it challenging?

I enjoyed my alone time more. It was nourishing for my soul to walk with my dog in the woods in silence. As I read about deaths from the pandemic I felt my mortality. I felt compelled to increase time in my daily practice by meditating, spending more time in nature, writing, chanting and listening to binaural beats.

Challenge, as defined by Merriam-Webster, is a stimulating task or problem. Usually we do not find the task or problem stimulating when we are in a struggle though but using the following techniques I describe will assist you in coping with your immediate uncomfortable situation.

Binaural Beats

Binaural beats can be found on YouTube or your favorite music app. Listening to them lying flat on your back sends sound waves or frequencies to you. They work on brain and/or body frequencies to help lift your mood, ease physical bodily pain and unlock the power of your subconscious mind. Through my inner work I have realized that our bodily pains are symptoms of our trapped inner feelings. The more we are able to release our inner struggles the easier our lives become. So much of our lives are spent controlling situations rather than surrendering to what is, cherishing what we have, and living in the present moment.

If you are currently facing a challenge I understand that your mind is contemplating solutions 24/7. A coping mechanism that my children and I find effective is listening to binaural beats and chanting. These sound frequencies surpass the thoughts and mental processes of the mind. It brings me back into center and peace naturally showing me solutions to my problems.

The real issue here is the more we focus on our struggles the solution does not appear. Although if we live in each present moment and trust that the solution will appear it always does. It is a gentle redirection and allowance of our subconscious mind to deliver the answers to us. The wisdom is within. If you believe in the forces of the Universe/God/Source or the Infinite Oneness, then you might agree that the Universe is co-creating with us. If we can surrender our control of our lives and truly live in the NOW moment, we allow the answers to our burning questions to bubble up into our minds. Binaural beats are one way to truly relax our bodies and minds, lower our heart rate to feel more at peace and to allow ourselves to receive clarity. Ideas emerge from your subconscious to your conscious mind to assist you to resolve your “challenges”.


Perhaps as you read the word chanting, images come to your mind of Indian people sitting cross legged or religious people in prayer. In actuality that can be true because prayer is super powerful especially when you are feeling deeply emotional. The feeling or vibration when one is in deep prayer sends a strong frequency into the Universe and is always heard. Chanting whether it is just OM or Loka Samastha Sukino Bhavanthu, meaning “May the whole world live in happiness, may all the worlds live in happiness”. You can use your own words such as “The Universe has my back” or “I am so supported by Source”.  The repetition of these words said in the musical frequency of your voice creates a calming feeling which lowers your heart rate, releases stress, relaxes your body and allows you to surrender to what is and live in the NOW moment. Repeating any chant 11 or 108 times sends waves of endorphins to your body, to provide you with a feeling of comfort and security. Personally when I chant I surrender my control and negative feelings of helplessness to the Divine and trust once again in the infinite potential of my live.

These frequencies open up channels in your subconscious mind to navigate your conscious challenges in your reality. The truth is the solutions we need are within. The question is will you utilize these tools to tap into your inner wisdom? Do you truly want to grow from your current challenge and feel peace with yourself and your path?

Usually the challenges we face are lessons we are souls are meant to learn during our time on this planet. As you resolve each challenge you learn the lessons and become the person you desire so you can truly live the calling of your soul.


About The Author


Gila Nehemia is an intuitive Divine channel. She has dedicated her life from a young age, to sharing her light through her poetry, books, videos, and conscious collaboration. She channels her words from Source to heal and guide others to open up their creative gifts to transform their lives and raise human consciousness. Her mentoring focuses on trusting the internal GPS, our intuition, body and heart.

Her guidance helps people to increase awareness of their own divine bodies and heal traumatic wounds through writing. This authentic inner healing empowers people to live a divinely creative, sensually blissful life. As a Shamanic healer, Gila channels through nature and utilizes its inherent healing properties to heal herself, clients and loved ones. She holds a certification as a Sacred Circle facilitator and provides support and divine transmissions.

She believes we are all on this earth to live our divine mission and assist each other in our spiritual, emotional, sexual and mental growth into Oneness!  Sign up for her newsletter and learn more about her offerings at




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