Georgina Caro Shares Raising Your Vibration To Change Your Life

Have you ever felt so low and depressed about your life that you suddenly decide it’s time for a change? You enthusiastically make plans for change and start working on yourself but after a while your old habits slip back in and before you know it your back to old ways? This happens because your vibration is too low. In order to make long-term changes to our daily lives we have to raise our vibration first.

You may have heard of the Law of Attraction, also called the Law of Energetic Attraction. It works on the basis that Energy Attracts Energy. What you may not know is that humans are energetic beings. Humans are essentially big balls of energy wandering around and bumping into each other. Not realising that we have an effect on everyone around us and vice versa. Your individual energy field or aura can also be called your vibration. This vibration impacts your entire life!

When you’re operating from a very low vibration you will typically feel low, anxious, stressed or depressed. When you’re functioning from a very high vibration you will feel joy, love, peace and at the very top of the scale enlightenment. Then there’s the vibrational level in between both, which is neutral. Neither sad nor happy, just existing. I find it helpful to envisage a scale going from one to ten. 1 is the depth of despair: depression, hopelessness, misery and sorrow. Moving up the scale 5 is neutral and the top of the scale is 10 enlightenment: peace, joy and love. Have a think for a minute about where you’d place yourself on the scale.

Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

When you’re operating from anything lower than neutral it’s unlikely that you will be able to make big changes in your life and stick to them. You may have a burst of energy and enthusiasm and start a new task or idea but then when the initial burst of energy has gone you slip back into your old ways. This is very common for people that are functioning from a lower vibrational level. That is because lower vibrational energies attract similar vibrational energies. So if you’re feeling apathy, guilt, shame or sadness you will attract people and situations that match that frequency. Whereas if you’re feeling hopeful, complete, bliss, joy and love you will attract those energies.

How To Raise Your Vibration

So, how do you go about changing your vibration? The good news is that acknowledging where you are vibrational is the first step. Start to become aware of your vibration on a daily basis. Where are you currently on the scale, when does it change, can you start to notice it dip, what things affect your vibration? You may wish to keep a vibration diary to really hone in on it. There are some simple and quick things you can do today to instantly raise your vibration.

Shake Your Body

One of the fastest and easiest ways to change your vibration is to shake your body. Start by shaking out your hands, then your arms, then move onto your feet and legs. Really shake as hard as you can without hurting yourself. As you do visualise the negative energies or vibrations literally being shaken out of your body. Start to notice the tingling sensation that is now flowing through your body. That is the new energies and vibrations flowing in. Stop shaking and take note of that sensation breathing deeply as you do.

Plunge Into Cold Water

Cold water therapy is becoming increasingly popular and for good reason. Water has healing properties and is designed to cleanse us of negative energies. If you regularly find yourself feeling low and depressed you may benefit from wild swimming. If swimming in nature isn’t your thing then try a cold shower or bath instead.


Move your body. When we remain still for long periods of time energy gets stuck. If you’re feeling down, get up and move your entire body. Put on your favourite music and dance around. Dance Movement Therapy is an often underutilised tool to elevate your wellbeing.

All of the above are techniques that can instantly raise your vibration for situations when you’re feeling particularly stressed or overwhelmed. If you’re looking to change your vibration on a more permanent level then you need to make some lifestyle changes. These can include regular daily meditation, journaling, practising gratitude, eating a high vibe diet, reducing alcohol and toxins and regular exercise.

These are just some of the ways you can raise your vibration, there are many more!

Which ones do you use?

About The Author


Georgina Caro is a certified spiritual life coach, energy reader & Reiki Master. Her aim is to help you raise your vibration & live a more sustainable life. She currently lives in Cornwall, UK with her partner, two children and Charles the dog.



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