Charlie Greig – Is “Awakening” The Cure For Depression And Anxiety?


As a Spiritual Teacher and someone who has walked this path already, I can honestly say, hands on heart, YES.

For centuries humans have moved further and further away from who we really are, we have forgotten we are energy beings having a temporary experience on earth connected to the universe in ways we can’t imagine.

This forgetting enforces an illusion of separateness, we feel alone in a constant battle to succeed in this world.

What Is Awakening?

To awaken is to remember who you really are and is the most wonderful journey back to self. Once this awakened state of being is achieved, you move to a higher dimension where you are no longer governed by fear or controlled by the mind. Ego.

This is where life becomes delicious; depression and anxiety cannot exist here.

Who Are We?

In essence we are the person, the mind and the body (interestingly persona in Greek mythology means the mask or role that a person plays in society) and the soul, a conscious spark of energy, which is who we authentically are. Once you fully engage in this knowing, you realise that nothing can hurt you, you can’t hurt energy!  Life is a complex game, one that we have all agreed to play for the specific reason of growth.

What you perceived as pain and suffering in the past is viewed as lessons of growth. You learn to laugh in the face of fear!

The World Is Waking Up.

We are at a profound time in history where the world is waking up, everyone on Earth at this time has chosen to be here, to help with this planetary shift to 5D consciousness.  We are all here to ensure less pain and suffering is felt by others yet to follow, but it does require some work. Nothing worth having ever comes easily, but I make the transition fairly simple by following a process of steps.

Our only work at this time is to remember who we are.


We touched on ego briefly; this is your false personality, the persona, the mask.

The role of ego is to keep you safe and prevent you from dying. This is what makes us so fearful. When under stress, ego becomes the dominant force and keeps us so safe we become paralysed and unable to move.  It is much easier to sit in pain or “poor me” rather than taking positive steps to wellness. In the main this is because this information is not yet readily available.

Learning how to control the mind, to be aware of what is ego and what is not is one of the first steps.

There Is Only NOW.

The next fundamental step needed to raise your level of consciousness is to learn to live in the present moment. Once you learn to activate all senses to be fixed in the NOW, the mind cannot get involved.

The problem I find with traditional therapy, is that conversations about the past and the future keep you trapped in the mind. The past has past and cannot be changed. The future is made in this moment so this has to be the only place to remain.

When you master this step, the world will never look the same, you see everything in vivid Technicolor, you wake up.

A great book to understand this fully is “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle.

Think Of It Like This.

The past = depression and the future = anxiety.

You will see how finding the middle road as Buddhists describe it, is the only place to remain sane.

Try This

Hold your attention behind your right eye, firmly with focus.

Now try and think about something negative at the same time.

You can’t without the mind pulling towards the left. If you focus on positivity, you are exercising right hand brain.  Left hand brain is governed by negativity, doubt, unworthiness and fear based thoughts. If your day is consumed with negativity, keep going back to this exercise, the right hand brain will become stronger. You are in control.

Practising gratitude is another way to escape the mind, make this a daily practice morning and evening and notice how much more content you feel. The mind cannot focus on two things at the same time.

There are further steps to master before you enter full soul consciousness but the prize is, you will see clearly from a higher perspective, you will feel connected, empowered, purposeful and ready to take on the world regardless of circumstance.

My hope is this learning is recognised as an effective cure for depression and anxiety reducing the unnecessary pain and suffering being felt by so many at this time.

In my opinion education is the answer, not medication.

Are you ready to try something new?


About The Author

My name is Charlie Greig. I am a Spiritual and Mindfulness Teacher, a published author “Depressed to Happy” and certified Soul Plan Reader with 10 years experience. Having undertaken this journey personally and helped hundreds of clients through my sessions, I understand the process of awakening at a fundamental level.

I am highly effective because I have experienced how debilitating it is to be depressed, lost and stuck.

My personal journey started by asking myself one fundamental question. WHO AM I?

Depression can affect anyone at any time, traumatic life events are often the triggers that knock us off balance and this is what happened to me. I went from being a highly successful property developer/interior designer for celebrity clients, such as Emma Bunton and Depeche Mode, to homeless after taking a multi million pound risk bringing the UK’s first carbon neutral housing product “Cub” to market in 2010.

I now see this period of loss in my life as a wonderful gift as it has allowed me to awaken and find true purpose.

I was born to be a profound Spiritual Teacher to help at this time, but first, I had to experience major life lessons to be ready to take on this challenge. I have invested over 35,000 hours of dedicated learning to help you achieve extraordinary wellness in the shortest time possible.

I offer a variety of services, (online and in person) including private sessions, a 10 week WHO AM I programme which is my speciality, soul plan readings, mindfulness in the workplace and online video lessons.

If you would like to find out more, details of my services are available at I am here to help.










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