Joanna Walden – The Journey To Our Soul Song

I’ve been edging my way into sound healing for many years now, although I never would have imagined it would become part of my work. Music has always moved my soul, but then it started infiltrating my consciousness in other strange ways. My ears would automatically identify basslines in songs and search for the original riff that it came from. I would wake up with a specific chorus to a song in my head, sometimes many days in a row before I finally looked up the lyrics and realised it was communicating messages of guidance within. I started listening to light language and going to shamanic sound journeys and investigating binaural beats as I made my way from music to sound healing. It was apparent that my resonance with sound went well beyond just musical pleasure.

The gong is one of the most ancient healing musical instruments in the world and harks back thousands of years. The deep resonance and vibration of the gong reverberates through you long after you leave a session. The sound waves stimulate nerve endings and penetrate into your cells, which can leave you buzzing or tingling, or crying in release. Regular gong baths have helped shift difficult emotions and rising fear during Covid19. Sound really breaks through what we might be holding on to in the patterns of our subconscious in a remarkable way. After years of attending monthly gong baths I recently acquired a 40” Atlantis unlathed bronze chinese gong, the next level of expansion in my journey of sound. Allowing the gong to play through you, isn’t as easy as it looks. 

They say the only thing more powerful than the gong, is the human voice. We literally have the technology within us to clear, shift, recalibrate and upgrade whenever we need. When I was in Egypt I was told that I needed to get into the granite sarcophagus in the Great Pyramid and tone and that this toning within this confined space would provide a reset on all levels of my being – if I could find my soul tone. I was in tears not long after when the guard said “welcome back to life”.

It took me some time to be brave enough to use my voice in a public way. As an author and channel I was used to writing, but as I stepped into my work in a more multi-dimensional way I felt the pressure of sound again gently prodding me in the background of my existence. As I spent more time in my heart the fear loosened its grip I was able to let go and start with simple toning and short bursts of unfamiliar sounds. I used them in my energy activations with private clients at first and although it didn’t sound idealistically musical, the activations proved to be even more effective in clearing multiple layers of being so I was encouraged to continue. 

I was shown the next level of the power of sound when I started holding group retreats at sacred sites in nature. The way I was using light and sound was so powerful that the weather changed. The wind would whip up out of no where on a calm sunny day, or if it was lightly drizzling, the rain would suddenly pound harder and once again gusts of wind would blow through once we got into the work. There was no doubt in anyone’s mind that it was caused by the connection, energy activation and the way we were using sound with the heart, and the earth. This is the force that is our voice. It dawned on me that we can tone and use sound to not only clear and recalibrate our bodies and energy field, but we can help Mother Earth clear her etheric body too. When you truly feel the resonance of how powerful this truly is, it is life changing. Anyone can find purpose by giving sound freely, for the purpose of good and the planet.

5 Tips To Connect With Your Soul Song

  1. Connect to your heart more often. Think of something that makes you smile or place one hand in the centre of your chest and facilitate uplifting feelings.
  2. Start saying powerful statements to yourself out loud. This gets you used to the sound of your voice for something aside from talking. When we speak out loud it is a prayer to the universe and all your cells are listening.
  3. Hum in the shower. A few minutes of humming with pursed lips creates a visceral vibrational feeling in the body and awakens the cells to start the day. 
  4. Experiment with different tones out loud. It’s easiest to go through the vowels and experiment tonally.
  5. Tune into what you notice about music in a song – is it the lyrics, or the bassline or the melody? This can give insight into how you uniquely work with sound, and what messages might want to come through for you.

If you’ve ever felt a real connection to music in this way then you might have already started your own journey…


About The Author

Joanna Walden is a visionary transformation specialist, multi-dimensional channel, speaker and author of The Inside Hustle: A Mystical Misfit’s Travel Adventure Into The Unknown. Joanna spent twenty years working in a high flying advertising career in New York, London & Melbourne while secretly exploring her passion for the unseen world of energy, spirit and consciousness.

Inspired by a series of mystical experiences in her teenage years Joanna explored everything from Transcendental Meditation to quantum physics on a global quest to find her purpose and ultimately her true self, through a process of self-realisation. Currently residing in her hometown of Auckland, New Zealand, Joanna quit her old corporate life to start a transformational healing business, and begin sharing her knowledge and voice with the world.

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