Can you contribute a chapter to the book Energy Healing For Your Body and Soul?

Have you had a positive experience involving energy healing ? Or perhaps you can share your knowledge of Acupuncture/Acupressure, Brennan Healing Science®, Bioenergy Healing/Domancic Method, Chakra Healing, EFT, Healing Touch, Pranic Healing, Reiki or Shamanic Healing. If so, please get in touch.  The Energy Healing Magazine is publishing Energy Healing For Your Body and Soul,  […]

Does Being Fit Mean Being Healthy?

For years I worked as a Fitness Instructor in a “Health and Well-Being” Sports Centre. Its manager, during my time, had long-term spinal problems, his assistant had obesity issues, and very few clients who attended were happy with their appearance or self-image, and most suffered from ailments for which they were medicated. So, what exactly […]

Healing During a Storm

I wake up at 3 Am, my naked skin softly being comforted by my fake satin sheets. I hug my pillows closer to my body and take my quilt and tuck it under my chin. I cannot express how grateful I am for my bed. The coolness of the sheets contrast with the warmth that […]