Sarah Diggins Shares Resonance Testing

What if we were to tell you that:

  • A new healing modality exists that enables you to measure exactly the progress of your healing, your health and the health of your client.
  • This same technique can be used to discover the answer to any question you have ever wanted to ask.
  • It’s completely free to use and costs absolutely nothing to learn!

The technique is called Resonance Testing; let’s tell you more…

What Is Resonance Testing?

Resonance Testing is a bit like biofeedback where we measure precise changes in energy field but, rather than having to invest in an expensive device, this is technique is completely free as it taps into our ability as enlightened humans to measure the field.

It is essentially a system based on statements which are used like queries to obtain the information. You can use it to find out what is in existence now or what has happened.  The power of Resonance Testing lies in the scalar measurements which enable us to obtain exact numerical results, using just our human ability, without a computer.

Resonance Testing has revolutionised healing so it is now a precise, measurable practice.

Examples of What Resonance Testing Can Reveal:

  • My pineal gland is 13% calcified
  • You have 14 strands DNA (12 light; 2 physical). We will all reach 144 strands.
  • My set age is 32 (the age you chose to reverse age to during the Ascension)
  • You have been incarnated 998,567 times
  • My origin is 89% Arcturian and 11% Sirian

Resonance Testing in Healing

If you incorporate the method into healing, you can use it to check the current health of a specific area and when enough healing has been given to that area.  You can discover anything including:

  • Chakras (you can test which are opened and how well they are working)
  • Food stress reactions (to discover intolerant and allergy food triggers)
  • Embedded emotional frequencies (associated with physical symptoms)

Emotional frequency testing is a truly powerful and transformative use of Resonance Testing since, once revealed, these emotional frequencies can be integrated.  When the frequencies are no longer separate, we find that the person is no longer triggered into expressing anger, fear, sadness and often we find that the associated presenting physical symptoms subside.

Who Developed Resonance Testing?

The system was developed by Sarah Diggins, after 3 revelations:

  1. That the muscle testing she had been using since 1984 didn’t give just positive or negative results gave many variations in between.
  2. That she could pick up the muscle testing result even before she’d done the test.
  3. That she discovered she could detect the result without the person being present.

She began to use the system but it took her 15 years of double checking the Resonance Test results with muscle testing until she was finally convinced her method worked!

Resonance Testing for Research

Resonance Testing can also be used to discover information that current research methodologies cannot access.  In fact, the sky’s the limit to what you can find out! As long as the information exists, you can find it.  The kind of questions you can answer with Resonance Testing are:

  • Where are the Akashic Records held? (Whales, elephants, giant tortoises, trees, crystals, water)
  • Did Neil Armstrong land on the moon? (Yes)
  • Was the broadcast moon-landing footage filmed on the moon? (No)
  • Do animals have souls? (Yes; only mammals but all animals have consciousness)

Resonance Testing for Channelling

Channelling information can be hard for many of us, but Resonance Testing opens the door to gain access to off-planet messages.  If you think you’ve heard something but aren’t sure, simply use Resonance Testing to check if what you heard really was an angelic message or communication from the soul of a loved one who has passed away.

Resonance Testing at Home

We can use Resonance Testing to help us with everyday tasks such as a calorie tracker to measure food without scales – you’d be surprised how fewer digestible calories nuts contain than their published calorie content!

Resonance Testing for the Future

Whilst we can’t predict the future since the future hasn’t happened yet and there is no resonance for an event that doesn’t exist, we can use Resonance Testing to test the probability that a future event may occur within a timeframe that you set. So you could test to see what are the chances that a parcel you are waiting for will be delivered within the next  2 hours.

 How to Do Resonance Testing

We provide extensive free instructions in our Articles on Resonance Testing where we show you how to use it and incorporate it in your everyday life.  We also provide one-to-one Resonance Testing Lessons for those who prefer extra support.


About The Author

Sarah Diggins As a child of the 60s and 70s, Sarah had hundreds of OBEs where she played in the ceiling of her bedroom, without realising this was a little unusual.  Various life events took her into a journey of self discovery and healing and during and in the mid 80s, she was introduced to muscle testing, crystal healing, energy balancing and other healing modalities.  She was Reiki attuned in the late 90s and later bought a biofeedback device.  She used all these techniques extensively when her children were born in early 2000s, which helped her gain deeper awareness of her ability to read the field.  This paved the way for her to develop Resonance Testing in the mid 2000s which she then spent 15 years practising.

In 2020 Sarah set the intention to create  5th dimensional consciousness organisation and spent a year experimenting with ideas.  Then in October 2021, during a particularly intense series of solar emissions, she was given information that transformed her journey.  She was shown a very clear memory of her time as lead healer in the Pleiadian system. She was told: “You are here to bring this information down to Earth.”

As a result, she established Armichi Wellness which incorporates the Pleiadian information she was given and continues to be shown.  Sarah has innovated healing with Resonance Testing and she also conducts regular pioneering research into subjects that are not available using conventional research methods and which are published as Articles.

Click to learn Resonance Testing and open the door to a new journey of discovery.




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