Ronisha Best – Fun Ideas To Maintain Your Families Fitness

Being in lockdown with your family can be very tough.  The kids are out of school and, online studies are challenging.  Keeping the family active through the lockdown is hard, especially when you have teens.  Motivating teens is not always easy since they rather spend time playing games or being on the phone.  Below you will find creative and fun ways that will help you and your family maintain their fitness levels during the lockdown.

1) Make Fitness Tik Tok Video’s

For those who have teens, we all know that most of their time is probably spent on Tik Tok either watching videos or making them.  A cool fitness activity for the family would be to make a  fitness video.  One could be “dad vs son doing push-ups.” Another one could be a skipping competition to see who skips the longest.  Tik Tok is what teens are into these days, therefore, be creative, make it about fitness and family fun/quality time.

2) Online Fitness Classes

Gym instructors have had to make adjustments by now providing online gym sessions.  You can take these classes either on zoom or Airbnb experiences.  Some sessions are targeted to families.

3 Take A Walk In Nature

This option will depend on the restrictions in your area. Walking is a great way to keep fit. It has a lot of benefits such as:

  • It increases your heart health
  • It helps to maintain a healthy weight.
  • It releases stress.
  • Increased cardiovascular and pulmonary (heart and lung) fitness.

To be realistic, when you have children you should try as much as you can to change the scenery. It’s important to maintain some level normalcy in their lives.

4) Cycling

Cycling is a great low impact exercise that the family can do together.  With this scenic activity, you can lose a lot of calories. When doing this activity with your family, it wouldn’t feel like a workout because you’ll be enjoying the quality time.  Children spend a lot of time on their game consoles, you can introduce cycling as a wholesome activity.

5) Zumba

Who doesn’t like to dance?  Even if you think you’re not a good dancer, it doesn’t matter, all that matters is that you’re moving.  This fun activity is one where you burn fat, raise your heartbeat while having fun at the same time.  For those who are under heavy restrictions, this activity can be done in your home.  With studying online children spend a lot of time sitting, Zumba can be used as motivation to get them to work out and have some fun.

6) Play Sports

Sports like soccer can be very exciting, one activity you can play is “Donkey”.  The objective of this game is not to miss the ball when it is passed to you. For example, if the ball is passed to dad and he misses once, then he becomes “D”. If he misses twice, then he becomes “DO”.  The games go on until someone becomes “Donkey”, that person then has a penalty and will have to take a lap or do push-ups.
During these times of Covid-19 is where we have to be very creative, families are falling apart because of increased tensions.  Exercising is one way to release any stress you might be facing.  Increased physical activity is proven to be the remedy to having a clearer mind. You will find that you will be able to perform your daily task much better and your children will be more focused on school.
What fun ideas can you come up?
About The Author
Ronisha Best is the founder of Amazingly Fit & Healthy.
Her aim is to help people not only during lockdown to find fun ways to either better or maintain their health.
Ronisha loves to share her fitness and health tips so that you can reap the results and rewards you’re looking for.

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