Leah Hamer – Natural Hemp Skincare: How To Achieve A Radiant Glow

I am an absolute advocate for natural hemp skincare, but this wasn’t always the case. I started out in my teen years as the poster-girl for ‘maybe she’s born with it’ and went full circle to now only using natural hemp skincare products and I’ll never go back.

  • Are you interested in making the switch to natural skincare?
  • Or maybe, you’re a natural goddess and keen to learn more about the benefits of hemp for the skin?

Let me share my journey and why natural hemp is one of the most nourishing and hydrating natural ingredients for your skin.

The Quest For Radiant Skin

Like most teenage girls reading magazines, I was lured to the idea that I simply must be using the products sprawled throughout the glossy pages so I could look like the flawless faces I admired.

My earth-friendly mother only encouraged natural products in our home. So, with the money from a part-time job I started my own collection of alluring and shiny bottles and jars in my quest for the luminous glow.

Fast-forward 20 years and my skincare regime is 100% hemp skincare products and for the first time, I now have the coveted natural glow I yearned for.

Dry Skin: The Battle For Hydration

Blessed (or cursed) with skin that is dry, often bumpy, flaky, or blotchy I felt that I was doing something wrong. I continued my quest for a product that would feel silky for more than an hour after applying it to my face and body. In my late-twenties I made the switch to organic skincare products but also found they never seemed to *hydrate beneath the surface of the skin.

My sister, who has struggled with acne throughout her teen and adult years, vigorously reads product ingredients and highlighted the importance to me of reading the ingredients list despite products stating organic on the label. These are usually **preservatives and variants of alcohol which strip the natural oils from the skin.

I had concluded that luxury skincare brands could be misleading when it comes to ingredients and found it a bit overwhelming when trying to understand which ingredients were naturally derived.

Natural Oils: The Key To Hydration

Listen to your mother! So yes, after nearly 20 years of impulse-buying the newest fad product, I had now done a full U-turn and started listening to my gorgeous mother. Now in her early sixties she still has that luminous natural glow and all she uses on her skin is natural home-made remedies.

I started experimenting with ***raw coconut oil as a body moisturiser but found it slow to absorb and was too heavy to use on my face. Face Oils have become popular in the last few years because they aren’t diluted with water and is a concentrated way to get nutrients into the skin. Water is, of course, very important for hydration but it is generally difficult for it to absorb directly into the skin.

****Hemp Seed Oil deeply nourishes the skin with antioxidants, omega fatty acids, vitamin E and essential proteins and has the highest absorption rate of any natural oil for the skin.

Hemp extracts are now even *****being studied by researchers evidencing the super-plants’ ability to support skin regeneration and anti-ageing.

Natural Glow: Quest Conquered

After exploring the wonderful world of hemp my skin has been transformed, my sister with chronic acne has even had a complete turnaround. I love the simplicity of just applying a few drops of hemp face oil each morning and feeling that silky feeling for the whole day!

In fact, I loved it so much my mother and I started our own hemp skincare product range with all the products hand-made from natural plant-based ingredients grown at our farm in Western Australia!

So, if you’re looking to try a natural, simple skincare regime for naturally glowing skin check out some hemp skincare products and notice the difference in weeks.


About The Author


Leah Hamer – We are a natural Australian Hemp skincare company and we grow all our products at our family farm in Western Australia.




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* https://qulcbd.com/blogs/news/how-to-hydrate-your-skin-the-right-way





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