Antonia Harman – Acid Reflux & How To Heal It Naturally

What Is Reflux?

Reflux can be anything from a burning sensation in your chest and throat after eating, to a hot sour or salty tasting fluid in the back of your throat. It can be difficulty swallowing, pressure behind the breastbone, feeling bloated, needing to burp, feeling or being sick. It is also cramps, bad breath and hiccups.

Let’s face it reflux is really uncomfortable. You can get it after food, when you lay down and for the worst sufferers it can hit at any time.

How Do We Fix It?

I like to look at healing from multiple perspectives, that gives me the best chance of actually resolving the issue at hand. My go to is really what are the emotions causing the issue? I believe that emotions are the lynch pin holding dis-ease in place, if you can clear the emotions you may be able to clear the disease. I have spent many years learning how to dissolve stagnated emotions, which is really the backbone of my teaching school Divine Empowerment.

Let’s Get Emotional

Emotionally reflux is about feeling resistant or disgusted by what is going on around you. You feel hopeless, that you cannot escape. There is fear of loneliness and rejection. Outside influences have the upper hand and you refuse to surrender no matter how upsetting. Your self-expression has been severely suppressed, you are unable to express your feelings. Drama, abuse, judgment or blame may have been ‘shoved down your throat’ you’ve felt like you had no choice but to accept whatever has come your way. However, walking away might be a long-term victory? Reflux often surfaces when you are going through big changes and old trauma is triggered.

You Can Diminish Reflux By Processing Your Emotions

With this in mind it’s important to notice your emotional state just before the reflux. Are you worrying about the future or past? Is there anger or frustration? What is actually happening in your mind moments before it hits? This needs unravelling and resolving in some way. Divine Empowerment can help you dissolve the trauma that is causing the reflux. Otherwise you may want to analyse why you are getting stressed with the above in mind and forgive the situation?

What Else Causes Reflux?

It’s a simple one but, reflux is often linked to consuming dairy. So, if you have a lot of dairy in your diet you could avoid if for say a week and see if you reflux is lessened?

How Else Can I Resolve Reflux?

Breathing exercises can help as they can calm you down. Stress is the trigger so what can you do to reduce your stress? Tai Chi and Qi Gong can help to soothe and ease the body so that the energy freely moves.

How Does Chinese Medicine View Reflux?

In Chinese medicine each of your organs relates to a different emotion. The main organs related to reflux are your stomach and spleen, which correspond to worry, fretting about the future as well as your liver and gall bladder, which relate to anger and frustration. So, anything you can do to reduce these emotions will help.

Chinese Medicine Quick Fix

The meridian point pericardium 6 when rubbed can help reduce reflux, it also works for issues such as car / sea sickness. If you have your palm facing up, place 3 fingers from your other hand horizontally starting from your wrist line up your arm, the point is in line with your middle finger.

Other Natural Remedies For Reflux

Baking soda (not baking powder you are not a cake!) Aloe juice and apple cider vinegar even eating a banana can help.

There you have it, the reasons for reflux and how to resolve it. I always go back to the emotions how were you FEELING just before it hit, that really is the clue as to why you have it. Once that is resolved you may even be able to avoid it in the future?


About The Author

I began my healing journey more than a decade ago.  When a friend, Lucie, had burst her eardrum five times and was in excruciating pain multiple times a week.

Lucie fell to the ground and started screaming for help. I wanted to help but couldn’t figure out how. Placing my hands upon Lucie’s ears, I began to channel energy. And something unexpectedly started to happen.

I was feeding something out of Lucie’s ears and through my hands until it landed on the floor. It was a foot long, and though it resembled a snake, it took the form of heat waves. I threw energy at it and it vanished, then worked on the other side where a smaller vision appeared in much the same way. That was 2007. Lucie promptly cancelled the surgery and never had earache afterwards.

This was my eureka moment. My whole life changed in an instant.

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