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When we think of healing and relaxing it’s not only the body we should have in our thoughts but also our minds too. We believe it’s so important to bring the two together the mind and body, which is just what Healing Alternatives have done with this beautiful natural product of Calm –  CBD Bath Salts with it’s Lavender & Clary Sage fragrance.

Healing Alternatives products are derived from the very best organic hemp grown in Switzerland and expertly formulated in the United Kingdom. Healing Alternatives CBD is procured from a tenured genetic library of seeds developed over years to create CBD-rich Industrial Hemp with low THC -0.2%.

One of our team memebers Delphine has been trialing this product – Calm –  CBD Bath Salts with it’s Lavender & Clary Sage fragrance for the last few weeks and we’d now like to share her findings.

With all the stresses and strains of every day living nothing could be nicer than to sink into a beautiful warm bath and relax. This experience can be hightened by added some Calm –  CBD Bath Salts with it’s Lavender & Clary Sage fragrance bath salts. As you run your bath there is an immediate sense of connection and wellbeing as the lavender and clary sage fragrances fills the bathroom. Lavender essential oil is well known for it’s healing benefits as it relaxs and also aids restful sleep while clary sage helps to relieve tension and creates a feeling of inner peace. I just loved Healing Alternatives choice of fragrances. The Calm –  CBD Bath Salts disolve in the warm water quickly making this an even better experience with no gritty under tones.

Another important point for me when reviewing a product for The Energy Healing Magazine is that it is made from 100% natural ingredients that are organically sourced, which Calm –  CBD Bath Salts with it’s Lavender & Clary Sage is. This product is really easy to use, and one that reaches a wider market by being suitable for Vegans.

Dead Sea Salt is said to be one of the richest sources of magnesium. It comes in the form of magnesium chloride, which is absorbed more easily through the skin. The high mineralisation of the Dead Sea salts improves joint mobility, skin problems and soothes the nervous system. As I currently suffer from arthritis I found these Calm –  CBD Bath Salts really useful when having a soak in them for just 20 minutes. They helped reduce the pain and gave me increased mobility in my joints and with the added benefits of the fragrances gave me a feeling of being relax and calm.

I personally think Calm –  CBD Bath Salts is well worth the money, as they have been reasonably price at £12.95 for a 1kg bag (we currently did not find any special offers on Healing Alternatives website i.e. introductory offer). – maybe something for the future.

I would highly recommend Calm –  CBD Bath Salts to our readers giving it an 8/10:

Not only would this product make an amazing gift idea for someone who enjoys a home spa experience, needs to unwind/improve their sleep or alternatively to help their joints if suffering from arthritis. But you’d know the person using them would also enjoy the benefits these beautiful bath salts bring to your bath.

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