Angela Karanja Shares Helping People Make New Life Changing Habits

In an era where information is plenty it’s important to distinguish between credible information and fluffy feel-good pop information. Even more importantly is having the wisdom to take action on credible information so that we can experience transformation.

It’s a known fact and indeed truth that looking after our bodies and minds is essential to live a wholesome and successful life. Almost everyone knows instinctively or intellectually. But it’s the conscious and intentional awareness that produces action and therefore results.

So how can we really take action that transforms our lives?

When it comes to a healthy body and mind, we are looking at what are we subjecting our physical bodies to e.g. what do we eat, healthy sexual activities, exercises, products we use on ourselves and anything that we put in and on our bodies. Then for our minds it’s what are we thinking about ourselves, about others and about the world? What foods are we putting into our body and what thoughts are we entertaining.

Negative seeds or negative intake can only yield to negative outcomes.

As the lead psychologist at Raising Remarkable Teenagers and Best-Selling Author,  I know it’s possible to know something yet not actually embody it and so fail to accrue the benefits of the information.

This is the pit that most of us live in and fool ourselves that, just because I know I’m ok and this is enough. The truth is, knowing something intellectually hardly translates to taking action.  Taking action requires that we not only know this information intellectually, but it must fall in our hearts as a desire. This way there’s a willingness to make the effort and take the action required in order to experience the transformation – permanent change.

As human beings, our default is to do nothing, and this means leaving the downhill pull to take the lead and that’s why things tend to get worse when we don’t take positive actions to rectify them. The process of making changes that transform is intentional and conscious as mentioned above and this requires the following Awareness, Willingness, Action, Reflection.


Be true to yourself and identify an area you require change. Know where you are and where you desire to be.


Be willing to make a shift as well as acquire the skills required if needed. Willingness is not a feeling, it’s a resolve and determination to do whatever it takes.


Make tangible actionable steps that will move you from where you are to where you want to go and do what you have said you will do.


Revisit and rate your journey on a daily basis: Awareness, Willingness, Action. This should show progress. Remember to be kind to yourself i.e. hold yourself accountable by recognising where you did well and where you did not do well. Congratulate and compliment yourself on where you did well, Forgive yourself on where you did not do well but plan how to recover from the dip.

The process of change and permanent change may require support from a mentor or coach and it’s ok to seek support. In fact anyone that ever succeeds in transforming has had people support them along the way. Be sure to choose mentors who have your interest, are authentic and can hold you accountable with love.

So today, what can you identify that needs improvement – for the betterment of your physical and psychological health?

What will you do today to begin your journey of transformation?


About The Author

Angela Karanja is a world-renowned adolescent psychologist and parenting teenagers expert and the bestselling author of the young adult book SMUGGLED tackling the issues of child trafficking and exploitation.

Angela rose from an extremely impoverished background and childhood abuse and like a lotus thrived despite the mud and the muck.

She is the founder of Raising Remarkable Teenagers, an organisation that helps parents of teenagers raise mentally healthy and highly effective teenagers without losing their minds.

She also works with teenagers and high school leaders and staff to create highly motivated and therefore successful schools.

Angela also consults with organisations to help them RELATE & RETAIN GEN Z employees.


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