Rebecca Yard – How to Beat Frizzy Hair & Dry Skin This Winter

Winter is the perfect opportunity to bring out your oversized coats, stylish boots and woollen accessories. But it is also the season for frizzy hair and dry skin. Here’s our go-to guide on how to avoid these inconveniences and sustain the best version of you all winter long!

Hair Care

Let’s start with hair care. Moisturizing your hair and scalp with hair oils will help fight dry hair immediately. Continuing to do this every two to three days will be the most effective, and avoid frequent hair washes. Washing your hair every day will strip the natural oils created, thus making your hair dry and brittle. While you are training your hair to wait longer between washes, you can use dry shampoo to stop the want to wash when you feel your hair is oily.

Another way to protect your hair in winter is to avoid heat styling. Heat styling is a major component to dry, damaged hair. When you are heat styling in the winter, the heat is stripping the moisture from hair strands, leaving them dry and brittle. Instead of heat styling, opt for air-drying as this is healthier for your hair. If you want a curled look for your workday, you can achieve heatless curls by braiding, platting, or twisting your hair overnight while you sleep. If you are desperate to heat style, place a heat protectant in your hair to help the damage and style with low heat.

Ensuring your hair is fully dry before your leave the house is essential to keep your hair healthy during winter. Going out with wet hair is leaving it vulnerable and more prone to breakage. When objects freeze, they will expand. This is the same thing happening to your hair. This makes your hair break like an icicle as the hair cuticles inflate, raise and become less malleable. A way to help with this is changing your hair care routine to wash your hair at night time or give extra time in the morning to let your hair air dry.

Skin Care

Having flawless skin is very important, especially during the cold winter months. Our number one tip for perfect skin is to drink lots of water, ensuring you are taking small sips rather than large gulps. This is the number one natural, easy way to gain smooth, dewy skin. Having warming winter teas are also another way to keep your skin hydrated throughout winter.

Another way to care for your skin in winter is to ensure you’re choosing the correct cleanser and lip balm for the conditions outside. Many expensive cleansers and lip balms contain harsh chemicals that can damage your skin rather than nourish it. Ensuring that cleansers and lip balms don’t include fragrances or alcohol will not help any dry skin. Also try to avoid waxy lip balms as this will not help chapped lips at all.

As the temperatures start to cool, having a hot shower is tempting. To keep your skin feeling moist and smooth, try to keep showers short and sweet. Hot showers do more damage to your skin than you realize. As you get out of your steamy hot shower, the high-temperature water will evaporate off your skin and leave you to dry out. Try to avoid having the shower at a high temperature or moisturize immediately after you are dry.


I’d love to hear what are you doing this winter to look after your hair and skin?


About The Author

This article was written by Rebecca Yard from Australia. She is a university student studying a Bachelor of Business at the University of Technology Sydney. She is also a guest writer for LUXit which is a Mobile Beauty Service based in Australia. This company provides first-class beauty, grooming, wellness, and spa-style treatments in the comfort of the customer’s home, hotel, or office.

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