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Take the time to really listen…

Being a spiritual teacher, I have been deeply connected with the people and places. This gave me an opportunity to know, understand and communicate with them. Communication in simple words is a mutual connection between two things, to exchange, ideas, thoughts and facts. But communication in a deeper sense is an expression of your being, which gives a reason for your voice to be heard.

Communication is a means to understand and reach not just to the people but to your desired goals as well. The personal and professional development of a person depends upon how effectively you are being listened. And to be listened to you need to speak what is required at that particular moment to be accepted. If you want to improve the power of communication, you must also learn to be a good listener too.

Listening gives a depth to the thoughts, feelings, emotions and reasoning of the speaker. Listening in turn gives confidence to the words you are listening to, just as the silence teaches you the value of your words. To improve the quality of your listening you must have patience, peace, smile, acceptance and endurance. Every person has a story to tell so one must listen genuinely; value their needs, wants, feelings and emotions.

Your thoughts also have a deep impact on your communication. The quality of your words depends upon the quality of your thoughts. So, one must meditate on the thoughts to be more meaningful, targeted, positive and effective. As it is rightly said, we need to think before we speak. The choice of the word is most important for the communication to be successful.

During my counseling with my clients, I have discovered that in this busy and digital world, we are actually separated with the physical human connections. We are scattered beings. We have no time to listen to our relationships. We have no time to listen to the needs of the others.

So I can say is going back home listen to the needs of your children, the restlessness of your wife or your husband, the complaints of your neighbour or the advices of your boss.

Because if you listen by heart; you will be listened to by heart.

Learn and grow….


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This article is written by Nimisha Rattan from India. She is a Spiritual Wellness Professional. She has a Wellness Academy BLISS BODY in Rishikesh India. She designs spiritual wellness courses for the hospitality, travel companies, corporate, wellness centers etc. She is recognized as a world traveler and a speaker.

If you’d like to contact Nimisha and ask for the solution to any problem in your physical, mental, emotional or energy level. She does counseling and help’s people step to the next level in their life personally and professionally.

You can simply send Nimisha a message or get in touch via Whatsapp – see details below: and whatsapp +91 8979688487.

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