Enrica Mallard – Coronavirus: Building Our Capacities For Change

What a journey with have been on. While the Corona pandemic is far from over, we are beginning to emerge from total isolation, and we are innately stepping into a re-calibration of what we think life post-Corona will look like for us and the world.

While the ego/mind inclination is to seek to return to ‘normal’, something has changed and, I believe, we are at the precipice of choice points at all levels from the personal to the global.

What Has Changed

In the past we have filled our space with more ‘stuff’: more appointments, commitments, obligations, stress. Functioning in a ‘mouse-wheel’, perpetuating the same choices and overloading the body/mind complex with emotional reactions and charge. Isolation created space which I define as ‘the experience of consciousness with no content’. This is where new creation emerges.

The global phenomenon has invited consciousness into our lives in an unprecedented and grand scale. Even if the world does not label it or recognised it as so, this is what has occurred and is continuing to occur.

Four Fundamental Changes Have Instituted Globally In This Space:

  1. We have become aware of space and have slowed enough to notice it and make conscious choices as to what to create in that space.
  2. We have honed a greater capacity to observe and be vigilant of our environment. While on the surface it was guarding against potential infection, this capacity is an invaluable resource as we move forward to create our life post-pandemic.
  3. We have experienced Oneness. While many may have known of Oneness intellectually, experiencing Oneness creates a body-memory that will never leave us. Despite physical isolation, we have never felt more connected in our Common Unity. Our hearts have connected us together. This informs our choices and intrinsically references the whole rather than our separate realities.
  4. To varying degrees, we have processed past emotional reactions and charge stored in the body/mind complex. The body/mind complex has an innate intelligence that knows when it is safe to release past stored content. The space created with the pandemic facilitated a great many to release innately and safely. Those who recognised this occurring may have invited and facilitated an even greater release Shedding any amount of this content is a step closer to Your Authentic Self being in the world.

Why Is This Important?

There is indeed only one purpose: to awaken to the truth of Who We Are, Our Authentic Self, and return in Oneness.

There are no coincidences. The changes that are occurring at such a global scale are hastening the expansion of consciousness on the planet.

All the choices we make contribute to this one purpose whether at the micro or macro level and whether we are cognitive of it or not.

The pandemic has created changes that have now equipped a vast number with the space and tools to make cognitive choices for the future.

What Are You Now Choosing?

If you choose to change nothing more, you have already contributed to the expansion of consciousness on the planet by being here during this pandemic.

If you are choosing to make changes, here is some guidance from my awareness:

  1. Acknowledge yourself for your courage to change.
  2. Notice information about potential changes from outside sources like the media and other people without adopting anything prescriptively.
  3. Watch and observe the information from outside of you and, more powerfully, the information from within you.
  4. Reflect on any choice or choices you are choosing to make. Notice if you can distinguish whether the source of your choice or choices are from the content of your ego/mind (which is made up of past reference points and judgment and conclusion in relation to those reference points) or your awareness (the language of Your Authentic Self). This does take practice. A clue: there is no left-brain processing with awareness. It arises instantaneously, in no time/space.
  5. Make your choice. Often people watch their choices. Making a choice is the energetic ‘stepping into’ the choice which actuates its creation.
  6. The Universe will reflect the net vibration of your choice. It works out the ‘how’. Observe and be vigilant of any being and/or doing required of you to facilitate your creation. You are not separate from Oneness that institutes your choice.

The creation process requires space (from which arises the new inspiration of a choice), observation and vigilance, an experience and knowing of the truth of Who You Are, not separate from Oneness, and the courage to choose. All capacities and experiences honed during this pandemic across the globe.

No Matter What You Are Choosing, Do Not Go Blindly Into The World.

Take The Reins Of Your Life.

You now have more tools, you are more aware. Continue to hone your capacity to observe and be vigilant. Continue to be cognitive of what you choose to fill your space with. Play with not rushing back to fill space, rather Be in the space of consciousness with no content.

Do not underestimate your contribution to the expansion of consciousness not only in the world, within existence.

If you could be in allowance of Your Authentic Self, what would you now choose? How would your life choices be different?



About The Author

Enrica Mallard is recognised as a Soul Intuitor and modern mystic. She navigates the reality of this world while experiencing the broader scope of existence. Her heightened intuitive capacities were honed from plunging deep into introspection for most of her life.

With university degrees in accounting and computing, her early adult life focused on mainstream business. It took a family trauma for her to begin to align her outer world with her internal world.

During this period, Enrica mastered a range of energy healing arts, including Reiki, Breathwork, the BodyTalk System, Matrix Energetics, and Access Consciousness.

The awareness embedded over this time was translated into her counselling and healing practice, where for over 20 years, she has facilitated people worldwide to activate and embody their Authentic Self. Enrica distilled the personal and collective lessons gathered over this journey into her book Enlightenment in Suburbia. The book invites readers to bring more of themselves to light, promoting the freedom to be Who They really Are.

Enrica possesses an unwavering commitment for the expansion of Consciousness on the planet and within existence. Her knowing of our Divine and Infinite Nature is her message to all.

She can be contacted at www.enricamallard.com or enrica@enricamallard.com

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