Ariel Hardy

The Top Ten Energy Healers 2019 – Ariel Hardy

Ariel Hardy

When Ariel discovered that people were going back to listen to her prayers and visualizations at the end of each radio show, she created The Healing Room, on her website, where you can listen to 93 of her short prayers and teachings to quickly lift your vibe. Ariel is also a teacher on the worldwide meditation app, Insight Timer,.

Ariel now offers energy tuneups as a way to get your energy field cleared on the go. People send Ariel their photo, and a short description of what they need. When Ariel gets the message, she removes their stress and fills them with Light, long distance, within just a few minutes.

Nominees Three Achievements:

1. In the summer of 2016, she hosted the live online radio show, Energetically Speaking, Life Through the Eyes of an Energy Healer.
2. She is the creator of The Healing Room, 96 podcasts of her prayers, visualizations, and teachings, on her website. She recently opened this up for free to the public.
3. Ariel is a teacher on the popular Insight Timer app for mediators around the world. She has over 5,000 followers and 30,0000 monthly listeners.
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