The Top Ten Energy Healers 2019 – Andrew Hackett

Andrew Hackett

After 20+ years in Business Management Consulting, Andrew has turned his attention to the individual behind the success, after realising that everything that happens in our life and in business is a reflection of who we are. Success comes from personal exploration and growth. It can be taught, and it can learnt by anyone.

Andrew believes the world needs a different perspective to awaken us from our Fear driven slumber. That we just need someone to explain Life in a different way.

Andrew welcomes you to that different perspective in his new 5 book series “Fearless” with Holland House Publishing, New York, exploring Unconsciousness, Awakening, Manifestation, Success, and Life Creation.

Andrew has more than 20 years experience helping people think outside their limitations to move beyond their fears so they can accomplish amazing things in their life, business and relationships. Andrew has made a considerable mark on the self-improvement field in Australia and around the world.

Andrew splits his time between his Australian coastal home on the NSW South Coast and wherever he is needed around the world.

Nominees Three Achievements

1. Published the first two books in a five book Fearless series.

2. Getting online presence established and going global – opened up services to Europe and US (successfully implementing online energy healing). Energy is omnipresent and can be done remotely – through words, different perspectives and new ideas.

3. Getting the masterclass online and automated – it is accessible universally and free of doctrine; it is available to get people started to get Free From Fear cost effectively.

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