Special offer: The Alternative Well-Being Sciences book for just $15

We're really excited here at The Energy Healing Magazine as we see the launch of The Alternative Well-Being Sciences.

In The Alternative Well-Being Sciences a handpicked team of contributors from all around the globe provide an extraordinary collection of articles exploring the role played by complementary and alternative health care in the general well-being and health of the public.

With chapters ranging from the practical applications of Pranic Healing to The Human-Animal Connection and When Alternative is Complimentary.  The Alternative Well-Being Sciences introduces fresh new ideas to the continuing debate over how we can transform the culture of medicine while providing ordinary people with the tools they need to make good health care decisions.

The thought leaders who contributed to this book:

Les Flitcroft      Alice Bullivant     Connie Rogers     Armrita Madhusudan

Dipti Tait     Jason Gilbert     Jay Anderson     Laken Brooks

Meagan Cohn     Sarah Todd     Sonja Courtis    Gina Yallamas

A huge thank you to everyone involved in this book project The Alternative Well-Being Sciences.  Our aim is to give our readers an insight to some other alternatives and complimentary medicine available, whilst maybe working alongside traditional medicine practises.

Les Flitcroft Director of Pranic Healing UK & Ireland

We've choosen Les Flitcroft's chapter - Pranic Healing as our sample chapter for The Alternative Well-Being Sciences. Les is a Director of the Institute of Pranic Healing UK & Ireland.  If you'd like to share Les's words of wisdom Click Here

To celebrate the launch of The Alternative Well-Being Sciences, we're offering The Energy Healing Magazine readers the chance to pick up a copy of this fantastic book for just $15.  Offer ends December 24th 2017


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