Exciting Book Project- “Your Well-Being During The Corona-Virus”

As the world locks itself down to avoid the spread of the Coronavirus many of us are moving into uncharted waters by being at home. Some in isolation and others with their families.

Over the coming weeks The Energy Healing Magazine will be producing an exciting book project – “Your Well-Being During The Corona-virus”, which will showcase the tools you need to not only keep you and your family well during this crisis i.e. fitness & immune system in top condition, but also how to also take care of your mental health when you are juggling family and work life together in a contained environment.

If you can write a thought provoking and informative chapter to help guide others get through this harrowing time, we’d love to hear from you. We’re looking for chapters on:

  • Mental health well-being, dealing with the fear of catching the Corona-virus.
  • Coping with the stress of being locked down in your own home.
  • Dealing with children at home while your still working.
  • Eating the right kind of foods to boost your immune system.
  • Keeping your fitness levels while living in a contained space.
  • The list goes on, we look forward to your sharing your creative ideas…

“Your Well-Being During The Corona-virus” will be published as a paperback book and E-Book and available on Amazon and leading book stores.

Interested then simply complete on of our contributors forms and we’ll send you some additional chapter details i.e word count etc…

Should we use your chapter we will publish your image at the end of your work as well as your bio including your contact details, social media etc.

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