Simple Practices to Achieve Inner Dialoguing

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You’ve probably read, or heard, of those anecdotes in the local news, where somebody has known there was something wrong with their health?  Their doctor refers them to the hospital and despite a battery of tests, there’s nothing in the results to indicate illness.  Undeterred, and often through desperation, he or she persists, because intuitively, they know that, “Something isn’t right,” and eventually, tests confirm their illness.

Well, this chapter isn’t about those cases of missed opportunities to diagnose disease, but it is about accessing that inner knowing, that just won’t let us rest because our body is trying to communicate information to us that something is wrong in the system. If we learn how to work with our bodies, to listen to its innate intelligence, we can use the information to help us flourish in life, instead of only relying upon this valuable resource when something is wrong.


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Kizzi Nkwocha is publisher of The Energy Healing Magazine and The Entrepreneur Magazine.

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