Crystal Stone set of 12 Healing Crystals.

Crystal Stone set of 12 Healing Crystals.

Crystal Stone set of 12 Healing Crystals. Rating:
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Product Description

We have chosen this tumble stone collection to ensure choice for you. We change our set every 4 weeks. If you want the exact crystals as in the description and the set as you see and expect then ensure you select GeoFossils. This is a genuine GeoFossils product, all information is Copyright Protected.


  • As you all know we change this set on a regular basis to ensure choice for you, this particular selection was so popular that after much demand, we have bought this particular selection back! But you know us, with a few changes that you will love
  • 11 Tumblestones between 20-30mm and 1-Golden Healer Quartz Point between 15-25mm each
  • We wanted to make this set slightly different, we have included Angelite, Golden Healer Quartz Point, Shungite, Heena Jasper and Lemon Chrysoprase to make this extra special
  • The exact 11 crystals you will receive are the following: Botswana Agate, Angelite, Snowflake Obsidian, Que Sera, Lemon Chrysoprase, Seftonite, Shungite, Tree Agate, Preseli Bluestone, Heena Jasper, Mangano Calcite.
  • Information sheet with Healing Properties, Crystal Care Leaflet, GeoFossils Crystal Cleansing Spray made using our unique recipe by Maria our in house Aromatherapist with only Organic Essential Oils. Please note bag are chosen randomly from the following colours Red, Fuchsia Pink, Baby Pink, Baby Blue, Dark Blue and Purple

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