Voight Holgar – Habitat Hijack For A Happiness Hit

A “happiness hit” occurs when the hormone dopamine spikes in our brains. You can elicit a dopamine spike by “hijacking” your habitat. By habitat, read ‘home, work, balcony, garden, etc’. Hijack your habitat for a makeover or just a minor adjustment and see how a simple change or two increases your happiness quotient. Think of […]

Rachel Favilla – It’s a Common Assumption that Adopting a Plant-Based Lifestyle is a Costly Decision

Whether you’re abstaining from flesh only (vivacious vegetarians) or going the whole vegan hog, dietary change can be expensive. The word to focus on is ‘can’. It can be. Plant-based diets are trendy and food companies are only too willing to sell us mock meats made from gluten – not wheat, we’re talking isolated G-L-U-T-E-N […]