Charity Partnership Using Music To Improve Care In Bedfordshire

TWO AWARD-WINNING charities have joined forces and are working together to improve care for children and young people with learning disabilities in Bedfordshire. Music as Therapy International, a south London-based charity with over twenty years’ experience of working with care staff in the UK and internationally, has partnered with leading charity MacIntyre to introduce therapeutic music into […]

An Air of Silence: How to quieten the noise in your life

According to the World Health Organisation, noise pollution is the second biggest environmental threat to our health after air pollution.  They suggest that 40% of Europe’s population is exposed to noise levels in excess of 55dB at night; a level that disturbs sleep, concentration and productivity, raised blood pressure and has increased the incidences of […]

The Value of Life Gazing

  “Life Gazing” is a great way to practice Mindfulness — or present moment awareness. Essentially, Life Gazing is stopping our wandering mind and putting our focus and awareness on life all around us. Life Gazing is like an open-eye meditation where we consciously observe everything we see with acceptance and non-judgment. It can be […]

Contemplative Calmness: Why yoga retreats in Japan are more popular than ever

Japanese culture is inherently traditional upholding many ceremonies and customs from the past. Similar to yoga, the culture in Japan recognizes the importance of serenity, calmness, and well-being. Beyond this, Japan offers the perfect setting to practice yoga amid outdoor gardens, parks and boundless natural beauty. From tranquil morning Zen meditation to a cleansing dip […]

Nick Davies: BLAST Technique

As a psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and creator of the BLAST Technique® (for resolving PTSD and any life trauma no matter how big or small) I tend to see lots more people with stress, anxiety, and low mood-related issues. With the increased demands of life and social media never being “off” people are under more pressure than […]