New Year’s Resolutions – the surprisingly simple trick to sticking with your goals.

If you have ever made a New Year Resolution only to see your resolve evaporate like the morning fog even before February has begun, you are not alone! Change is hard and changing the way we do things, based on a dwindling supply of willpower, is extremely hard!  Knowing intellectually that change is necessary in […]

Have you written a self-help book focussed on business or personal success?

The Energy Healing Magazine is publishing a unique series aimed at increasing book sales by giving readers the opportunity to sample chapters from several titles especially handpicked by our editors. The ground-breaking Insight Bites series will act as a unique delivery vehicle for books by encouraging readers to explore new titles while introducing them to […]

Can you write about how spiritualism and science can co-exist?

The Energy Healing Magazine is looking for articles exploring how we can improve our daily lives through mindfulness and conscious living. Articles we are interested in should cover any of the following: Mindfulness and meditation,  the law of attraction,  quantum physics,  the interconnection of all living things,  energy healing and alternative medicine. In return for […]