The Top Ten Energy Healer Awards 2020

It’s that time of the year again when we open the doors to find The Top Ten Energy Healers 2020. Our Top Ten Energy Healers Awards showcase covers all disciplines within the energy healing world from Reiki and EFT to Chakra, Acupuncture, Crystal Healing, Pranic Healing and everything else in between.  We’re also keen to […]

Chakra meditation for deep balancing

What are chakras? The entirety of the body is a perfect reflection of our beliefs, thoughts and emotions. It is the physical manifestation of our inner beliefs about who we are. When we initially dreamed this present dream (our lives) we continued on the path of awakening into the truth of who we are, at […]

How to Keep Your 7 Chakras Balanced & Cleared

What are chakras? You have a subtle energy system. It is the unseen expression of you in energy. When I say energy, I mean your vibration and your energetic output. We are energetic and electric beings that send  signals and frequencies out on a second-to-second basis. One of the most basic and subtle energy systems […]

Introduction to Chakra healing

Healing the chakras–clearing, opening, and balancing them–can help  you maintain the health of your physical and energetic bodies. Healing the chakras can be done in many ways. It’s something that an energy healer can do for you, or that you can do for yourself or for members of your family. What Are the Chakras? Chakras […]

How the chakras relate to our lives

We are conditioned to believe that when we are upset it is because something happened to us that caused the upset. However, this is exactly backwards. When an upsetting event occurs, such as pain, disease or discomfort in the body, or an “outer” circumstance such as losing a job or a relationship, that occurrence is […]