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Business, Business, Business!

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The bible for every SME. Written by some of industry's most knowledgable thought-leaders , Business, Business, Business! is produced in an informative, conversational style with valuable, insightful advice and case studies taken from real business people running real businesses. Business, Business,Business! is packed full of valuable insights and advice that tackle some of the most common (and often not so common) problems associated with running your own show, whether you're working alone from home or running a business with employees.
This is the book you can't afford to miss if you're already running your own company or plan to in the near future.

* Business, Business, Business! includes practical insider's advice on:

* Setting goals for your business,

* Branding

* Creating websites that make you money

* Negotiating commercial leases

* Working with suppliers

* How to stay motivated

* Being your own PR agency

And much, much more....This is THE bible for every SME.


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