Say hello to our new writer Kyra Howearth

Kyra Howearth is a herbalist with a passion for holistic women’s health, and healing the mind, body & spirit. She loves herbal magic, moon cycles and manifesting an abundant life. Find out how you can align your cycle with the moon in her free ebook here! Kyra will be writing a regular column for The Energy Healing Magazine starting from next week.

Fran McElwaine Joins the team at The Energy Healing Magazine

As a Functional Health & Lifestyle Coach, Fran’s work sits at that sweet spot where Functional Medicine and Life Coaching meet. This means she helps her clients pull together all the little threads that make them who you are, creating powerful strategies for total health and wellness that are tailored to each unique situation. Importantly, her work helps people de-bunk that negative internal narrative that sabotages their best efforts. She helps her clients to break through blocks and limiting beliefs, shift their energy and use food as medicine so that…